White iPhone 4 thicker by 0.2mm

Posted:  April 30, 2011   By:    1 comment   

The White iPhone 4 has finally launched this week should attract attention from those that simply want a different type of iPhone. Surprisingly, colour is not the only difference between the White and Black versions. According to engadget and tipb, the White iPhone 4 is 0.2mm thicker!

First thing that came to our mind is whether existing iPhone 4 accessories would fit and are we expecting a different range of case just to fit this white colour version. According to tipb, they have tested a couple of skins, pouches, bumpers, cases & even mophie juice pack pro and found no issues installing them on the White iPhone 4. This could be due to some tolerance and additional margins in the case to fit the device.

Why is it thicker? It was mentioned that Apple need to add additional UV protection layer to reduce interruptions between the cover and components. It was shared that this UV protection layer also helped to make the White iPad 2 possible.


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Hello…Any news and report on Galaxy S 2? I'm not interested on I-Products especially white housing and 0.22mm thicker after nearly a year waited..Give us something fresh 🙂