iPad 2 launched in Malaysia

The highly anticipated iPad 2 was finally launched in Malaysia which attracted massive queues in all Apple retailers nationwide. This is not surprising considering the buzz and following it has created since its launch which is just under 2 months. This makes Malaysia among the earliest countries to get the iPad 2.

According to the buzz online, most Apple retail shops had long lines formed yesterday morning before its 10AM retail business hour. When the rolling shutter doors open, the iPad 2 starts to fill into the hands of hundreds of people. In just couple of hours, most retailers have already sold out by noon! You can check out the collection of Apple iPad 2 queue photos from yesterday here and Lowyat’s video coverage of Machines Midvalley here.

So how do you get your hands on one? According to Machines, new stock of iPads are coming next week which will replenish their stores. No ideas when exactly but we would expect it would be snapped up as quickly as well.

For those who are not into stock hunting, you can place an order from Apple Store Online. One of the benefits of ordering online is that you can request for custom engraving and delivery of the iPad is free. On the Apple Store, it shows that delivery takes between 1-2 weeks however we are informed that those who ordered is expected to receive their unit on 19th May as shown below:

Ordering online is the easiest way to purchase your iPad 2 but if you can’t wait to get one, you could take your chances on the new stocks that’s arriving at the retail outlets. For those that bought their iPad 2 yesterday, how was it? Was the iPad 2 as per expectation? Let us know by dropping us a comment below.

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Special thanks to keithwoo for the image above!