Maxis announces specific iPad 2 plans coming soon |

Maxis announces specific iPad 2 plans coming soon

Posted:  April 28, 2011   By:    10 comments   

This just in from Maxis:

Maxis today announced it will offer dedicated data plans for iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G in the coming weeks. iPad 2 is the next generation of Apple’s magical device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading ebooks and much more. The amazing new iPad 2 improves on the original iPad by being thinner, lighter and faster, all while maintaining the same incredible 10 hours of battery life. For more information about iPad 2 please visit

Capitalising on the hype of the iPad 2 in Malaysia Maxis came out first to announce iPad 2 specific plans for the 3G version of the device. We’re not sure how much will the iPad 2 plans will differ from the earlier Maxis iPad 3G plan, but what we know is that Maxis will not offer a iPad 2 bundle.

So how many of you will be getting the iPad 3G and who will be getting just the WiFi only version, and why?

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10 Comments for Maxis announces specific iPad 2 plans coming soon


For me i choose wifi only since my iphone have personal wifi, home got wifi, workplace got wifi and any place lah…. not choose 3G version except very cheap bundle package


I'll be getting the iPad 2 Wifi+3G as I travel a lot to places without wifi access.

Since I have Maxis Broadband, can't I use the same simcard (or just buy the microsim) and use the same plan without subscribing to a new 3G plan?



Who cares about Ipad2? You still can't play flash in it.


    ur dumb to make a baseless statement

Fridge magnet

Motorola launched 'Xoom' tablet today ,can sign up with maxis . online order for ipad2, apple store reply it will reach my place on 19.05.11
wonder is there long Q in front of the apple outlet ?


will get it tomorrow..long life apple

Albert Ang

i think they are not discriminating android. more like they are greedy coz they know how android will grow seeing how good honeycomb is and how good android sales are now (beating apple too)
Putting a bet that people would pay more for android


Android phones are only beating Apple in sales because many phones can use it while Apple only has one type of phone using it. The iphone still trumps all the mumbo jumbo sorry excuse of "smart phones" out there 🙂
I'm not an apple fan but I'm not a fan of misintepretation of information…


Any updates on the Maxis iPad 2 data plan?

Han Ko

Could you tell me how to buy maxis data plan for ipad2 WiFi+3G version?