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It might not look like much but this iPad casing can save your iPad from a bowling ball

Ok let’s do a quick survey. How many iPad owners out there have had an eight-pound bowling ball drop on your iPad? We’re guessing not many and in the event that a bowling ball did drop on your iPad, we’d take a gander that the iPad would be far worse off that the bowling ball. An accident like that is simply not survivable for an iPad. Or is it?

Enter the iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form. Retailing for US$60 (excluding shipping and handling), this unassuming albeit gaudy looking soft case can protect your iPad (or iPad 2) from an eight-pound bowling ball dropped at the height of three feet.

And honestly speaking, if the iPad can survive a bowling ball being dropped on it, it can survive pretty much everything else. Head on over to after the jump to see what we mean.

Click on the source link for more info on the iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form.

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