New Xpax prepaid rates from 28 sen for 10 minutes

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Celcom Prepaid – Xpax has revised its plan with more affordable rates in conjunction with its Kolony social network launch. Now they are offering calls as low as 28 sen per 10 minutes for calls within Celcom or 28 sen per 5 minutes for other networks. SMS rates too have gone down at 1 sen per SMS for same network and 5 sen per SMS for others.

This is good for those who make lots of long calls as you get to talk long for cheap. However looking at the comparison with their old Xpax plans, they have dropped the 15pax which offers even lower rates per minute for 15 friends and family.

For more information, head to Xpax’s page here. Comparison table between old and new Xpax plans after the break.

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20 Comments for New Xpax prepaid rates from 28 sen for 10 minutes



good promo

BUT what about prepaid validity periods – any improvement

also can we transfer old credit from xpax plan to this new plan

also can we transferprepaid validity periods from xpax plan to this new plan

Tok Penghulu

When you switch from your current plan to this new plan, your credit and validity period are preserved (if this is your 1st time switch), else your will be charged one-time RM5 for switching.

For example, suppose you have RM15 in your account which will expire on 30th April. When you make a switch to this new plan, you are not charged for anything (F.O.C), and you still have RM15 in your account and will expire on 30th April.

About the validity, I think it is unchanged and still the same concept as before and comparable with Hotlink and DiGi Prepaid approach on prepaid validity. Just this plan emphasis on better call and SMS rates.


…nazlan, what i think they saying is based on per minute. thats mean for thiz new kind of plan, even people talk for only less than 30 seconds just for a short conversation like "dekat mana skang?" .. already deducted 28 sen, not 6 sen like before (as previously they charge 12 sen/min for 8pax) .. i'm just sayin'


Why u guys said that the old 15pax offers lower rates coz the new xpax offer 28sen/10min meaning is only 2.8sen/min (this is what I understand,please double check with celcom :-). Hopefully my assumption is true!


i do think the old one was much cheaper.. 28cent will be deducted even if you talk for 1minutes since the plan stated 0.28cent for 10minute.

p/s: how on earth does you deducted 0.028cent if you only talk for 1minute. 🙂


why i cant change the nex xpax plan.


    i use celcom prepaid now.sms 0.10sen(same line).
    so expensive.


thnx for this info.I would like to write the same article but in BM in my mobile blog but I will imbed this site url as my source though


    Sure…be our guest 🙂


Salam & hi,

I am using uox for almost 3 years, have no problems with the rates charged. However, I don't know why, lately (early 2012) I have to topup around RM 10 for 4 days. I would say i need to spend almost RM75 a month! I already change to the new xpax prepaired rates. I think I will be calling more then sending sms after this.

And yes, my prepaid is last for a month only.


huhu hi i am back. Call not more than 10 minutes for this new plan is exactly 28cents. 1 second extra, 56 cents will be charged. How about less than 10 minutes? Let say less than 2 minutes. Yes like what everyone know. Its fixed, 28cents will be deduct.

To be safe, if u think u want to make a call, consider this. If the conversation is only for a short one. Sms is better. If not it will be a waste for the user while in other hand.. Celcom are making big big big easy money!


so do we still have free call n sms on our besday????

X2 user

X2 is the cheapest for long call, you do the math..

nur fitri

masih ada lagi ke plan new xpax prepaid rates ni .


Y when i want 2 active celcom new plan, they said " the plan x2 is no longer active",, that its meaning that.?


All tis pax,makes new guys like me confuse.why dont they make it simple like digi n umobile?


this xpax 2 plan expired oledi, even current subscriber have to pay more..stupid celcom, cheated ppl everyday..sialkom..


hahaaa xpax 2..only 2 minutes telan 1 ringgit ++, bullshit!!


jibai shitkom.. now 24 sen seminit..palabutoh hang..


Aku stil pakai x2 ni. Rm5 sehari…sebulan rm150. Unlimited data. Betoi kaaa