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Google app for iPhone is so much better now

For the longest time the Google Mobile app has been a bit of a hit and miss affair when it come to giving the fullest Google experience on the iPhone. We don’t know about you but the Google app for iPhone has always left us wanting more. We like the voice search function and the built-in browser but we don’t like that the browser will shutdown when you switch apps and honestly we’d save the hassle and just use Google right on Mobile Safari instead.

Well things are decidedly different now as Google has just released a major update for its iPhone app so much so that Google has even changed the name of the app. From Google Mobile App, it’s now simply called the Google Search app but don’t let the name confuse you, there is so much more you can do than just search with the new app.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the home screen is now completely different with a big Google logo and a search box. From the homepage you can easily sign into your Google account as well. On top of that, Google use swipe gestures to give you fast access to various features like apps and results filters. Its a pretty nice user experience overall.

One of our biggest gripe with the old Google iPhone app was when you switch app midway into your search. When you go back to the old Google app, you have to start your search all over again. The new Google Search app makes picking up where you left off much more convenient by simply tapping on the lower part of the page.

That’s just the skin of it. The new Google Search app for iPhone brings a lot more functionality than the old app which naturally, makes it more useful. It’s definitely something we recommend iPhone users out there try out.

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In the meantime, head on over to after the jump for a short intro video of the new Google Search app for iPhone.