RUMOUR: DiGi to announce something on 8th March?

UPDATE (03082011): DiGi reveals offer for 2nd unit of iPhone 4 without contract.

UPDATE (07032011): DiGi posted teaser graphic on their Facebook Wall.

We got tipped by @jonrulezz with an image that shows an expectant person with 2 apples inside.

So what can it be? First thing on top of our minds is the iPad 2. Launching it on 8th March is impossible as Apple is only releasing it on 11th March 2011. If it is indeed the iPad 2, it might be an announcement that they are bringing in the iPad 2 for bundling in Malaysia which normally includes the typical Registration of Interest exercise.

Another possibility is that DiGi is doing another promo for the iPhone 4. Special price for 2 units of iPhone 4? It might be considering DiGi had similar teaser for iPhone 4 launch last September. That time they used 4 apples to represent iPhone 4.

Could it be a hoax altogether? Your guess is as good as ours.