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DiGi revises Prepaid Internet rates

DiGi has revised its internet rates for its Limited Edition Prepaid Internet that offers commitment free internet at a very low cost at only RM2/day. Beginning 1st of March 2011 onwards, the top up validity will now vary according to top up denomination.

For smaller denominations such as RM10 and RM30, the validity has been reduced from RM2/day to RM3/day. For RM50 top up, it is still maintained at RM2/day but its higher RM100 top up carries more validity which costs only RM1/day for internet access.

This simply means that it cost more for smaller top ups while higher top ups give you more value. RM1/day is cheap for those who are looking for casual light web surfing. Of course you won’t expect high speed downloads as DiGi’s prepaid internet are all capped at 384kbps which is basically throttled speeds for wireless users.

Do note that these rates only apply to those who activated from 1st March onwards and previous subscribers still maintain the old validity of RM2/day.

For more details, go to DiGi Limited Edition Prepaid Internet page.