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Maxis Connects – Social Media CS with a face

Most telcos in Malaysia have been engaging its customers actively via social media be it Facebook or Twitter. While it serves as an alternative channel for customers to seek info or to troubleshoot problems, handling such complaints online can be a nightmare. As it is so easy to tweet to your telco, the responses are overwhelming to an extent that some tweets are tend to be slower to reply or in some cases ignored.

Maxis seems to be trying to address that with Maxis Connects. While the page is simply a twitter feed without much details on it, the idea if we get it correctly is Maxis tries to get in touch with its customers with an actual Customer Service representative. From the recent timeline, we can see @larni_maxis & @alexa_maxis responding to some inquiries. From the looks of it, their online CS team works on shift but at any time if you need to tweet, it should still be directed at @MaxisListens. So in a nutshell, your tweets to Maxis would be replied by someone with a face instead of a twitter account with a corporate logo.

Whether this works is another question altogether but good effort on Maxis for taking the initiative to try something new. If you’re interested, check out the Maxis Connects page.