Its official: Texting is a sport

Oh yeah man texting is a legit sport, who would’ve thunk it. There’s even a full on texting world cup where nations compete for a US$100,000 prize purse. That’s a loot of over RM300,000, good enough to get you a decent house!

But before you even think about making it to the big league make sure you send on average 7,000 text messages a month just to keep your thumbs nimble. You’ll need to be texting alot more than that tocompete with some of the most compulsive texters in the world.

And those with touchscreens and Swype, you can forget about competing. The Mobile WorldCup texting championship is strictly physical QWERTY only.

Aspiring texters wanting to represent Malaysia in this new age sport, good luck and all the best!