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Give your iPhone the power of 8x telephoto zoom

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The iPhone is a competent digital shooter there’s no denying that, but like any digital camera built into a smart phone these days the digital zoom feature on the iPhone is still lacking when it comes to snapping a decent shot from afar.

If you’re always in a scenario where you wished you had more zoom in you iPhone’s camera then this 8x telephoto zoom lens could just do the trick — though the downside is attaching the lens renders your iPhone unwieldy.

The iPhone Telephoto Lens comes with a matte black case that you use to attach the lens onto your iPhone with. To compose your shot, just twist the grip on the lens’ manual focus ring to make it sharp, like you would a normal DSLR, and snap away.

Other goodies included with the lens is a mini tripod and a lint-free cleaning cloth. The iPhone Telephoto Lens goes for US$35 excluding shipment. That’s about RM107 at today’s rates.

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