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Kyocera Echo. The world’s first dual-touchscreen Android phone

Having two screens on a mobile phone would be better than having one right? Maybe, and that’s the logic behind this latest Android phone to hit the market. The Kyocera Echo’s claim to fame is its unique dual-touchscreen setup consisting of two 3.5 inch 480×800 screens on two separate halves linked together with a proprietary hinge that’s made out of titanium which is developed in-house by Kyocera.

Hardware wise, the Echo packs a second generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor (QSD 8650) running Froyo (Android 2.2). There’s 1GB of on-board storage and an 8GB micro SD card included in the box (the micro SD card slot support cards up to 32GB).

If you’re wondering why the Echo is running a slightly dated Android OS it’s because Kyocera says that the dual screen interface required extensive customisation to the seven core native apps which includes the messaging, browser and email apps so that the user can utilise both screens when using these applications.

And the Echo can also work as a mobile WiFi router that can connect up to five WiFi devices to the internet simultaneously. Apart from that, you also get a 5MP camera with a single LED flash, auto-focus and digital zoom. The camera can shoot 720p HD videos.

With two 3.5 inch screens needing a lot of power to keep things nice a bright, you’d be wondering what’s the battery performance like on this device. Kyocera didn’t put out a specific number but they say users can get about a day’s worth of heavy use on both screens with the 1370mAh battery.

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You also get a second battery with an external charging case that can double up as a battery pack for the device. This, to us, can mean two things, either Kyocera is very generous with the kit that they include in the box or you will needed the extra battery on a regular basis.

If you’re wondering when will the Kyocera make it to Malaysia, our advice is don’t hold your breath. Still the Echo is an interesting concept.