Motorola teases its Xoom Super Bowl commercial yet again

The theme of the commercial is pretty much confirmed by now. Motorola is taking a swipe at Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial complete with a cameo of the 1984 book written by George Orwell (which the original Apple commercial copied from but never admitted to), and at the same time telling us to break the mould.

While the first teaser was nothing more than some CGI, dramatic soundtrack and fancy words, this new 15 second teaser actually reveals the ad, and it looks very much like the 1984 Apple ad we posted earlier.

Motorola really wants to make a point here and we get it — the Xoom even in those very short 15 seconds, is looking very, very drool-worthy in our eyes.

If you like ads, head over to after the jump for the 15 second Motorola Xoom teaser clip.