DiGi release Chinese New Year ad, cheeky as always

In typical DiGi fashion, this latest Chinese New Year tribute ad from the telco is trademark cheeky, what else can you expect from the telco that gave us the lovable and unforgettable Yellow Coverage Fellow?

Head on over to after the jump to view the ad. One thing that’s got us curious is the obvious appearance of a white coverage fellow in the ad. We’re not sure what it means but is DiGi trying to clue us in on something here? Its a long shot but could it be a symbol for the year of the rabbit?

The only other time we saw a white coverage fellow was in the DiGi roaming ad, the one that featured Japan as a roaming destination. Remember that ad? Well if you don’t its available for viewing after the jump. Though we don’t think that there’s any correlation.

Anyone can decipher what the appearance of the white coverage fellow means? Or are we just over analyzing things? Comment us!

Anyways, we always look forward to these festive ads, wonder what Maxis has in store?