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7-inch version of Dell Streak breaks cover

2011 will be the year of the tablet with almost all of the major manufacturers and platform developers — including Microsoft — having something to offer the consumers next year.

Dell came into the table game with probably the smallest tablet on the market, the 5-inch screen Dell Streak. With just 1 inch additional screen real-estate compared to the largest of Android smart phones in the market, the Streak blurred the lines between what makes a tablet and what makes a smart phone. This left some users torn between the 5-inch Streak and any 4-inch Android smart phone that offer virtually identical features, while others wanting a bigger screen to make investing in a tablet worthwhile.

Its no longer a secret that Dell is working on a 7-inch tablet along the same lines as the 5-inch Streak and here are what looks to be official pictures leaked to the public. The images are blurry and too small for us to make out any details but word has it that the tablet will be running Froyo and have front and rear cameras.

The extra screen size looks to have also added extra thickness on the Streak’s frame but we can’t be sure increase in thickness is significant until official specs are revealed. Once we have that, we’ll let you know.

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