RUMOUR: iPad 2 to feature larger speaker, smaller frame, flat back panel

Here’s the latest rumour circling the specifications and dimensions of the iPad 2.

Japanese site MacOtakara reveals that sources in China have indicated that the new iPad will have a smaller frame, a flatter back panel and bigger, more powerful speaker.

The image you see above is just an artist’s rendition of the information gathered by the Japanese website but they were specific on the dimensions of the new iPad saying that it will be 3mm smaller overall with a flatter back to make the device more stable to type on. The height of the iPad will be reduced from 242.8mm on the current model to 239mm on the new one. While width will drop from 189.7mm to 186mm. Despite the drop in size, the site tells us that the new iPad will have the same 9.7 inch display, but whether this will be a higher resolution one, is yet to be confirmed.

A smaller, slimmer and lighter iPad is all part and parcel of Apple’s natural progression of things, so these improvements are a given. We can be almost certain that the new iPad will feature a more compact design. What is up for debate is the mention of a bigger speaker into the list of iPad 2 improvements. Though there has been images of leaked iPad cases flying around on the Internet, we’re not sure what to make of this rumour.

The iPad 2 will be more compact but we don’t expect the design to be far off from the current iPad which means the placement of the speaker will not deviate far from where it is right now. We could be wrong but our hunch is strong on this one.

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What is consistent with the many other iPad 2 rumours flying around is that the China source has said that the iPad 2 will have two cameras, one forward-facing and another rearward. This, we think, is very much confirmed. The rear camera will have similar optics and specifications as the iPhone 4, which means it will be of the 5 megapixel variant, but as with all iPad 2 rumours at the moment, all this is still UNCONFIRMED.

Nevertheless, expect more iPad 2 rumours to surface as the holiday season shopping craze comes to an end and as always, will be right here giving you the latest. Keep it locked on.

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