Celcom offers Samsung Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus One and Huawei MiFi

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UPDATE: Celcom revises Samsung Galaxy Tab bundled pricing from RM1118.

Celcom is doing a special sale from now till 31st March 2011 with 3 notable devices – Samsung Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus One and a Huawei MiFi device. This makes Celcom the 2nd telco to offer the Galaxy tablet while the Optimus One finally made its appearance as speculated earlier thanks to our tipster Panda. The Huawei MiFi device shown looks similar to U Mobile’s offering which now makes all 4 Malaysian 3G players offering MiFi products.


21 December 2010 UPDATE

30 January 2011 UPDATE

UPDATE: Tab pricing slashed additional RM80 with RM1748 with 12 months contract of Celcom Exec 50+Celcom Broadband mLite or as low as RM1288 with 24 months contract of Celcom Exec 250+Celcom Broadband mPro. Thanks to Applied Gizmo for the heads up at the comments.

UPDATE 2: Galaxy Tab pricing slashed again. From RM1118 with 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 250 + Broadband mPro or RM1568 with 12 months contract of Celcom Exec 50 + Broadband mBasic. Thanks to RB for the heads up via email.

Original Post: For the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is offered on contract at RM1828 for 12 months and RM1768 for 18 months with Celcom Exec 50+Celcom Broadband mLite package of RM78/month commitment. If you’re a high spender, the Galaxy Tab can be yours at RM1368 over 18 months contract with Celcom Exec 250. As comparison, Maxis now offers the Galaxy Tab at RM1699 over 24 months contract for its Christmas promo.

The Android 2.2 Froyo running LG Optimus One finally showed up on Celcom with the RRP of RM899. On the RM78/month contract of Celcom Exec 50 + Celcom Broadband mLite, it goes for RM508 for 12 months and RM448 for 18 months which is rather affordable. The LG Optimus One is even offered as low as RM48 if you go on Celcom Exec 250 over 18 months contract.

On the broadband segment, they are giving special deals on HP netbook, laptop and a Huawei MiFi device with a 12 month contract. What’s worth mentioning is that the MiFi device is offered at RM250 which is slightly more than U Mobile’s offering.

There are other devices on offer too such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberries. Check out the full details on phones and broadband offers at Celcom Sale page.

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12 Comments for Celcom offers Samsung Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus One and Huawei MiFi


for whom eyes for optimus one,
better don't go for it,
simple math tell,

optimus one,
have to py rm545 extra…..

instead galaxy tab is worthful,
just pay rm65 extra…..

just my fifty cents….=)


    yea, then the Optimus One may not be worth it if your just aiming for the device. But if one was thinking of signing up for Exec 50 + Broadband mLite anyway, might still look attractive. Just need to consider the 12/18 month contract.


Just one question. You you buy the Optimus One outright without taking up any plans?



    Oops sorry type too fast, it should be "Can you …' and not "You you …."


mLite offer how much data per month?

by calculation Lite broadband data allocation is 1Gb per month for RM48.
sikit sangat.


    mLite is only 300MB for RM28 monthly. What a rip off!


      Its not worth to subscribe to mobile internet for tethering purposes. Its more suited if you're stuck using your mobile for email and general website surfing (or if you are using your mobile for some embedded telemetry projects that need fast data transfer).

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Applied Gizmo

tab price revised!!!
now if on mLite, at the end of the 12-mth contract, u'll have paid RM2684 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab!


    Thanks for the update. We've updated the post as well 🙂


can we but the optimus one for rm899 without taking any plan?

Ollie Glovinsky

Is this an autoblog? It looks like there is a ton of articles and other content web log. You'd probably need an army of copy writers to help you fill so many pages.