Yes 4G service launched with USB dongle & MiFi device

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We’ve just came back from Lot 10 where Yes flagship store is located. At time of launch, only 2 devices are offered – Yes Go, their 4G USB Gongle and Yes Huddle MiFi device. Their 4G Phone – Yes Buzz and home gateway – Yes Zoom which was showed off during the brand launch will only be making an appearance in December.

Yes Go

Their USB dongle is the most affordable entry into yes from RM99 for the USB dongle. For RM99, they will also rebate RM100 worth of credit over 10 months, meaning RM10 x 10. At the bottom of the brochure, you’ll notice that yes charges RM50 for activation for first time users but they are able to rebate that RM50 off from the bundled RM100 credit, leaving you 5 months of RM10 rebates later on.

Yes Huddle

Yes Huddle is their 4G MiFi device which is sold at RM399 outright without any bundled credit. However there’s a special bundle which gives you the MiFi for free if you pay RM1199 upfront for RM1200 of credit. If RM1199 is a burden to pay, there’s also a EPP Credit card installment plan of RM50 x 24 months.

Yes Pricing & Credit

The yes pricing and rates is something everybody would know by now, which is 9 sen for 3MB of data or a 1 minute of talktime or for an SMS. There’s also a rebate system for those who use beyond 2.5GB. To understand the rebate better, check out our previous post on yes rebates.

When it comes to credit, Yes did shout about no expiry but there’s a minimum commitment of RM30/month which many wouldn’t know. So even if you don’t really use that much, you need to top up a minimum of RM30 in order to use yes. So in a nutshell, the credits won’t expire but they do get suspended if you don’t top up RM30 on a monthly basis.

UPDATE: Yes Credits DO Expire after 90 days of inactivity. Read about it here.

Registration & Sign up

If you’ve preregistered your yes ID earlier, the process is fairly simple. Just present your IC and they are able to pull your details. Next they will check if your area is under coverage before proceeding. From our initial observation, it looks like Yes has covered substantial areas around the Klang Valley right now. You can check the coverage at

During our sign up, the queue on the 1st floor of Lot 10 wasn’t that long and we managed to get our Yes Go device within 20 minutes. Before we left the counter, we were told to wait for 3 hours for activation before we can start using.

So how does Yes 4G perform? We will find out next and compare it against its mobile internet rivals. Do follow us via twitter at @Soya_Cincau for the latest updates.

For more information on Yes, visit their website at Check out more Yes videos below:

Yes Revolution

Yes Experience

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13 Comments for Yes 4G service launched with USB dongle & MiFi device


Now it is more than 14 hours. No other telco would allow their website to be down that long.


Shouldn't they be anticipating this? Its create a bad image for a newly built ISP. Load balancing of few web server should easily solved this issue. I'm assuming that bandwidth is not an issue to them 😛 obviously

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yes should change their name to NO!!!

after 3 days of sending emails and calling their call center, someone finally calls me back under the name of RAJIV and is clearly the most incompetent service pesonel i have ever dealt with. He took 30mins to tell me if my area is under coverage and had to keep checking with someone else before answering any questions! what A TOTAL DISASTER YES IS TURNING OUT TO BE!


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details view of the issue. published it, It is nice to see opinions that tell more of the story, they are more effective anyway.

Mike Chan

Is it worth to buy the Huddle product RM399 for mine I-PAD 16GB Wifi ? Pls help ! Thanks ! Have a nice day ! Mike frm KL


Effectively stated, mostly, but do not you feel as if the concern is considerably more complicated than that?

Judy Bejjani

You had a lot of good points here. I performed a lookup on this subject and a lot of people go along with those things your stating. Are you gonna be updating this blog in the future? I book-marked your website and definately will visit down the road. Many thanks.

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