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TuneTalk offers Twitter updates via SMS

Tune Talk has announced via twitter that twitter SMS is now available on their network. This is similar to the twitter SMS service offered by DiGi and Maxis.

The only detail we got is to SMS “START” to 28933 and that’s about it. There’s no info on how much it cost but we are guessing it is RM1/week like DiGi/Maxis and probably 5 sen for each SMS request. Tune Talk is probably too excited about the announcement and they forgot to tell its subscribers how to use it.

We we’re told from a subscriber that tried and all he got was “Facebook texts are now turned on” after SMSing START to the provided number. Strangely they didn’t provide any instructions on logging into your twitter account and other various commands. Tune Talk, this is not good at all. Please test your product and provide clear guide for your subscribers before announcing a half baked feature to the world.