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8pen keyboard for Android


The Android platform offers a variety of keyboards. While most of them are auto corrective, predictive and gesture based like Swype and Swiftkey, they still revolve around the traditional QWERTY keyboard that was designed for full sized computers.

Now there’s a new keyboard called 8pen which is a redesigned keyboard that’s meant for devices with small screen. It basically has a centre region with 4 sectors in an X layout with keys spread on each side. The layout is designed with common used characters placed closer to the centre while the least used are spread towards the outer area. It looks like a neat concept which they say would reduce typos greatly and possibly offer the best blind typing experience.

It will be made available today on 8pen but it is only for Android 2.2 Froyo. Android 1.6+ support will be coming later.

Check out the demo video after the jump