Tune Talk offers cheap data at 5 sen per MB


UPDATE: Looks like TuneTalk has bumped their data speed from GPRS to EDGE. This makes it slightly faster with theoritical speeds up to 384kbps. At 5 sen per MB per session, this is the cheapest mobile data right now.

Has Tune Talk gone mad? Now they’ve announced that they are offering the lowest data charge ever at 5 sen per MB.

Don’t expect fast speeds as TuneTalk offers only GPRS which is very much like dial up. But at 5 sen per MB, this is a bargain for your casual facebook and twitting needs. We strongly recommend using Opera browser with their web compression technology for best experience with slow connection.

Formerly Tune Talk charges 10 sen per 10KB. The revised rates now is 5 sen per 1MB which looks like per MB blocks. This means whether you use a mere 10KB or 900KB, you will be charged a minimum of 5 sen per connection you make.

Read up their FAQ here.