VIDEO: TM shows how they solve customer problems

This video first made its online appearance in May and we have to admit, this is the first time we’re seeing this. It starts off showing an irate customer giving a TM Point front-liner a hell of a mouthing about, from what we can gather, is a problematic Internet connection.

Then the, we can only assume, branch manager steps in trying to find an amicable solution to the problem but the customer is having none of it and walks out. The branch manager look distraught and sets in motion a bee-hive a activity from the TM workforce to solve the customer’s problem. How the video ends, you have to watch it for yourself.

We guess the video-mercial was made with good intentions but it begs the question, why let it get to that point to begin with? We’re pretty sure if the antagonist in the video was a real customer he would’ve called TM customer service numerous times to get his Internet fixed. It’s not in the psychology of a customer to just barge into a shop and make noise without first being completely frustrated with the service being rendered.

Also, the video portrays the customer as the idiot, the one who always marah tak tentu pasal. A person who has a short fuse, can never be rational with and will always want things done on the double. The customer, it seems, is evil.

And so, the video leaves us wondering, what is actually the message that it is trying to get across? If it is that TM takes customer satisfaction very seriously, then surely prevention is better than cure.

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Or could it be that with this video TM is slyly telling its customers, “look how much of a douchebag you look like making noise at TM Point”?

What do you think?