Antenna issue: Apple says other smartphones are just as bad

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Following the press conference, Apple has a section on its website to demonstrate the three smartphones currently in the market that show the same problem as the iPhone 4.

The thing is, we’re used two (Bold 9700 and Omnia 2) of the three smartphones Apple has singled out and in no way have we experienced the same attenuation as the one being reported on the iPhone 4.

Also, both exhibited better reception performance compared to the iPhone 3GS that we’re using. In addition we noted that Apple does not explain in any detail how they conducted these tests. If the method is not known, then there no way of consistently replicating the attenuation Apple say exists on these devices.

In any case, Apple is using a tried and tested PR tactic to deviate attention from the real issue by putting forth an argument that the iPhone 4 is not the only phone with such a problem. From our experience with the Omnia 2 and the Bold 9700 but a lot more other phones out there, we can’t recall a phone that has such an issue with reception as the iPhone 4.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry will respond to this.

By the way, if you missed the press connference earlier, here’s a link to the official video. Enjoy.

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4 Comments for Antenna issue: Apple says other smartphones are just as bad

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