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SwiftKey Beta keyboard for Android

There’s a new keyboard for Android called SwiftKey Beta which is now downloadable from the market. While other keyboard predicts the current word you’re typing, Swiftkey is a step ahead by predicting the next word that you might type. This predictive feature is based on what you’ve typed on your device, be it email and SMS. So it kind of gets smarter as you type along.

We’ve just downloaded it and first impression is that it uses less effort than swype but it is slower. However the ease of use can come pretty handy when your hands are occupied like driving situation. That said, we do not condone texting while driving.

Check out the demo video after the jump

That’s the beauty of Android where it allows 3rd party apps to even tap into device input. Another keyboard for Android worth mentioning is Swype which currently is the fastest way to type for a touch screen device.

To download, scan the QR code below or simply head to the market.