Google boss says don’t hold your breath for a Nexus Two

In an interview with UK’s Telegraph, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked if there will be a Nexus Two for the Google device diehards out there.

His answer left no lingering doubt in anyone’s mind that there will not be one, despite the many rumours floating around about such a device is currently being a work in progress.

For those who are unaware, rumours of a second Nexus device surfaced sometime early May with Motorola being named as the manufacturer that will be working with Google to bring the now vapour ware device into the market.

If Google is not going to continue with the Nexus legacy why bother with the device in the first place?

Google felt that the Android mobile platform needed a boost to showcase, what the OS could do with the right hardware and the right people behind it. Hence the partnership with HTC was established and the Nexus One was born.

You have to give credit, prior to the Nexus One, there wasn’t really a desirable Android device and from that perspective, we’ll give it to Google, with the Nexus One, they have succeeded in putting Android on the map. But we disagree with Schmidt when he says there’s no need for a Nexus Two.

If the Nexus One had inspired a slew of next generation Android devices like the HTC Desire, the Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Galaxy S, imagine what kind of devices would come up if Google moved the bar higher with the Nexus Two.

Having said that, Google failed miserably in selling the Nexus One. Its online only policy had severely crippled the device’s potential to fly out of the shelves in droves. The search giant was also slow to react in making the device available in more countries and also in physical stores.

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On competing with Apple and the iPhone Schmidt had this to say

“We don’t have a plan to beat Apple, that’s not how we operate,” Schmidt says. “We’re trying to do something different than Apple and the good news is that Apple is making that very easy.”

“The difference between the Apple model and the Google model is easy to understand – they’re completely different. The Google model is completely open. You can basically take the software – it’s free – you can modify whatever you want, you can add any kind of app, you can build any kind of business model on top of it and you can add any kind of hardware. The Apple model is the inverse.”

Well, for now, we can only ponder as what could have been. Deep in our hearts, we wished the Nexus Two would become. Until then, those of you out there with a Nexus One, hang on to it, you’re looking at the makings of a collectors item there.

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