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UNCOVERED: P1 WiMAX embedded laptop teaser site and video

It’s no secret now that P1 and Intel are going to launch what appears to be Malaysia’s first range of WIMAX embedded laptops very soon. We know that both brands will be organizing a media briefing on 23 June but have revealed little else. But the media invite that we’ve seen gives a great lead to start our snooping.

With some blind guessing and a load of luck we found a teaser site highlighting WiMAX laptops. The site doesn’t give much details either but we now know that there’s a “guess and win” contest where you can win yourself a WiMAX laptop apparently worth RM2599. You’d probably be one of the first Malaysians to win a WiMAX laptop and we also know one of the WiMAX laptops is priced at around RM2599.

We still don’t have much details on what the specs of these devices will be, how much they will cost and what kind of subscription plans will P1 offer together with the laptops. Will subsidies be offered? We don’t know and will have to wait until P1 or Intel gives the official word.

In the meantime, have a look at the teaser site. P1 has also set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a series of teaser videos to promote the WiMAX laptops.

Prominent on the teaser site is a countdown timer that shows what appears to be about 230 hours till the launch of the WiMAX laptops (at the time of us writing this post). 230 hours equates to about 9 and half days to the launch date. Nine days from today (20 June) is 29 June. This will obviously be the launch date of the WiMAX laptops, not on 23 June as some have thought.

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P1 have yet to make any official announcement about this teaser site.

Not the first time we’ve uncovered something like this from P1.

Take a look at the first teaser video after the jump.