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Live coverage WWDC10. Malaysia, we gotta stay up late

This is it people, the day many of us have been waiting for is finally here. But the controversy is not over yet. It’s no secret but there’s no certainty either, the iPhone HD/4G will (or will not) make its debut today – 7 July 2010 – but no one can be sure.

So we’ll have to wait for Jobs to deliver his keynote at WWDC10 to once and for all close this case.

Unfortunately for us Malaysian’s we’re on the other end of the globe. That means, WWDC10 which will be starting at 1000hrs PST, is going to start at 0100hrs our time.

Specifically, if you want to catch the latest updates from WWDC10 make sure you’re locked on infront of your PCs at 0100hrs, 8 June.

A few sites that are at the conference will provide live updates as things happen. Here’s our recommended list. Make sure you log on early to get the “best seats”.

  1. Engadget
  2. MacRumors
  3. gadgt

We’re sad to note that one of our favourite live feeds for such Apple events – Gizmodo – will not be at WWDC10, for obvious reasons.