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DiGi to implement Facebook Zero, fast and Free way to Facebook

Recently Facebook just announced Facebook Zero or better known for This basically is a lightweight text only version of Facebook which aims to allow Free access to mobile users on supported telcos. It was launched with more than 50 telcos worldwide.

Lowyat has reported that DiGi too is in the running to implement Facebook Zero. Once this is implemented, DiGi users can access Facebook for free with this light version. Free Facebook access, who would complain? We tried now with our DiGi SIM but the site says that our current network is not supported yet. There was even a tweet from @digi_telco cautioned that those trying the site may incur some data charges.

Let’s hope this will come true soon even if it means DiGi willing enough to sacrifice some of its revenue on its Facebook SMS Service.

Of course, there are some limitation as no photos and external links will be charged separately.

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