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DiGi revises DG50 to give you more but is it really more?

We found out that DiGi has just revised their DG50 postpaid plan which strives to give more value to its subscribers. When we look at it, it doesn’t look much different from the original DG50 launched nearly 2 years ago. The rates are still the same and even the billing block cycle is still 30 seconds.

Postpaid rates has been pretty stagnant lately and old fashion price war is not heading anywhere. So what’s new with DiGi postpaid? If they can’t cut the rates, they give further discounts depending on your total bill spend.

So does this translate to big savings? Well, Yes and No.

Call rates for DG50 are the same 13 sen/minute for voice calls, 10 sen/SMS and 20 sen/MMS to all networks. What’s different now is that DiGi is giving discounts based on your total usage which is 25% off when you spend RM75 and RM50% off when you spend RM150 and above.

On top of that, 50% discount is given for Friends & Family calls & Internet Data usage during Happy Hours.

So, the new DG50 is heavily banging on the 50% off your bill every month (after usage of RM150) and also 50% off for Happy Hour calls and Internet.

Before you get excited, the 50% off your bills is very misleading. A quick check on their FAQ reveals the following:

7. Will I enjoy any discounts for calls and SMS to other networks made after RM75 or RM150?

No, the discount is only applicable for additional DiGi to DiGi calls / SMS made after RM75 or RM150.

So not only the discount is applicable to calls made AFTER reaching RM75 or RM150,  but it is strictly for calls and SMS to DiGi numbers only. Therefore there’s no way you can slash up to 50% your actual bill since the discount is applicable for usage AFTER hitting the selected spending range, not the entire bill.  Plus, a normal user would obviously make non-DiGi calls and SMS which is not going to be applicable for discount.

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On the Happy Hour period, DiGi is only giving it between 4PM-6PM daily. Who talks to their friends and family during 4PM-6PM? Isn’t most people busy at work during that time? I don’t know about you but that’s certainly no time to chat with your buddies or family members, unless of course DiGi encourages such practice at the work place.

Another thing we noticed is that DiGi’s FAQ has a mistake on the Happy Hour section.

On the comparison of the new and old DG50, it shows that the Data discount is only applicable for the OLD DG50 instead of the new, which is obviously reversed.

Conclusion, DG50 is nothing to shout about and the discounted cost savings is nothing but a gimmick disguised with a bold claim of slashing your bill into half. Not forgetting their Happy Hour which isn’t sincerely done with customers in mind. In a nutshell, this is nothing but a cheap rehash of existing postpaid plan.