Maxis tests 4G LTE & IPTV over Fibre

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Maxis is striving to be on the forefront when it comes to innovation. In order to stay ahead of the competition, they have been testing various of new technology and intend to be the first to offer in the country.

Recently they have announced that Maxis has started testing 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology on a trial run basis. This will give the company time to play around with the technology before the government announces the allocation for LTE Spectrum.

Maxis has been running various of trial runs on different technology and platforms such as HSDPA, DVB-H and even WiMAX. Some of which were launched and some didn’t.

As competition heats up particularly on mobile internet, LTE is the obvious progress step for mobile Telcos since the government had already awarded 4 companies to run WiMAX in Malaysia.

Besides 4G LTE, Maxis too is looking at expanding its fibre business and they too are looking at doing IPTV to expand its Fibre business. According to its CEO Sandip Das, Maxis is moving towards having “Integrated Play” which is expanding beyond the norm of “Triple Play” or “Quad Play”.

To reach out to the masses, Maxis is looking at tapping into TM’s existing FTTH infrastructure although no commercial terms or deal are not confirmed yet.

If necessary, Maxis is prepared to fork out RM1.4 billion in capital expenditure to reach out to places without fibre. In the mean time, Maxis is also in the final stages of signing an agreement with TNB to utilise their extensive fibre-optic network and possibily lay fibre optic cables along side TNB’s poles.

Currently Maxis has connected to about 400 buildings in the Klang Valley and they are expected to reach out to Johor Bahru and Penang soon.

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2 Comments for Maxis tests 4G LTE & IPTV over Fibre


Comparison Between Maxis, Celcom and Digi Broadband….

Why Maxis/ Celcom want compare with Digi?. Eventhough, digi just launch 3G last year and gain 1.5million broadband users!!!!!
Maxis and Celcom got 3G spectrum license earlier than Digi (past 4years ago) from government. If you all really want compare with Digi, provide license to Digi at same time with Maxis and Celcom. If government too scare to give license to Digi, then no point be proud of local telco (Maxis / Celcom).
Digi is worldwide company and managed by Telnor (Norway). Dare to compare with them. Perhaps, they already have a greater technology from us in Malaysia but government control Digi movement. If you all really want compare, release Digi from any commitment first.
Guys, please alert with this issue which being hide from news or any statement for public. This is true. You may find out the fact if you not sure about my statement.


Maxis and Celcom are enough for Malaysian at this moment. DIGI is just a supplement. If we allowed DIGI to expand full swing, all of fund from Malaysian customers will go outside of the country. Off course customer wants the best for their money but we should think patriotically as well. If you dont believe me, why American now are launching "buy American"? instead of buy "made in China" or anywhere else.