TuneTalk now with GPRS Mobile Internet!

TuneTalk, Malaysia’s aggressive new prepaid brand now offers mobile Internet via GPRS. The data charges are charged at 10 sen per 10kb which is a standard rate for mobile data on Pay as you use basis. Now TuneTalk prepaid can do more than just talk and SMS.

How to get it?
With an active TuneTalk account, just send ‘SET’ to 20999 via SMS. The necessary GPRS settings will be sent to your mobile within 5 minutes over the air (OTA). For further assistance, you can call 13100 (local rates apply) or email them at customer.care[at]tunetalk.com.

More FAQ on their GPRS service here.


GPRS is quite slow for todays mobile internet demands but for the use of twitter and facebooking, this could be sufficient provided you don’t click on external links. Email would be painful to use over GPRS unless you use it just to download email headers.

If you need to surf the web, we suggest downloading Opera Mini 5 which allows you to save more money from data charge and speed up loading time. All these thanks to Opera’s server side compression feature.

We also noticed that despite GPRS being offered, MMS is yet to be offered by TuneTalk. We’re not sure if this could be introduced later.

With this GPRS service and its lowest rate of 16 sen/min launched last month, TuneTalk is set to become one of the biggest prepaid brands to watch out for this year. At the moment, we heard that they are getting closer in achieving its 1 millionth subscriber.

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