Revealed: Motorola’s next Android smartphone – the Nexus Two

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Are we looking at the next Google Nexus phone?

With over 2.3 million Moto Droid (aka Milestone) sold last quarter, it’s pretty obvious that the Android OS is one of the key components to Motorola’s success and Motorola knows it.

But having just one Android based device ain’t going to cut it in the very crowded smartphone marketplace. Even by today’s standards, with the likes of HTC Desire and Droid Incredible (also built by HTC), Motorola’s Droid is looking rather dated – at in the flagship category.

Motorola need to built a Droid successor and they need to built it and launch it fast. At least in time to counter Apple’s upcoming iPhone HD/4G.

Thankfully, Motorola is building a Droid successor. Even Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha admits that Motorola is working on a “direct to consumer device with Google“, something very simillar to HTC’s Nexus One.

The phone in question is reffered to in codename as the MB810 or Shadow in Motorola and here are some of the unconfirmed specs. They are certainly impressive:

The new device will most likely sport a Full QWERTY hardward keyboard (perhaps something simillar to the Droid’s sliding form factor), it will support WiFi b/g/n. Display on the new device will be massive – up to 4.3in of screen real estate. The new device will also have an 8MP camera that can record videos in 1080p resolution. And it will run Froyo – Google’s latest version of the Android OS.

Expected market debut for this rumoured Nexus Two device? Sometime in Q2, probably around the same time as the iPhone HD/4G.

Looks like it’s going to get hot it here!


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