Snatch theives grabbed iPad, took a finger along with the loot!

The story goes a little bit like this…the victim was sent to run an errand, to go to the nearest Apple store to purchase an iPad as a business gift for someone else.

He purchased the iPad and went on his merry way. Just outside the Apple store from which he bought the iPad, thieves were already waiting to snatch it away from him. They tried to snatch the iPad from his hand but the strings of the paperbag containing the device got caught around his pinky. The thugs were so determined to get the iPad that they yanked the paperbag so hard it ripped the flesh, muscle and tendon of the victim’s finger.

His finger had to be amputated.

“the iPad, it’s a toy, I don’t even know what it was”, says the victim who counldn’t understand what’s the fuss is all about with the iPad.

Video of the interview with the victim is next after the jump

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