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June 22: Unveiling date for iPhone HD?

Apple forums are buzzin with rumours that the new iPhone will make its appearance on June 22. Fueling this rumour is a report that Apple has booked a venue for the launch of the device on the particullar date.

Obviously, Apple is not saying anything and like most Apple rumours, the accuracy of this June 22 rumour is 50-50 at best but we remain optimistic.


Because apparently the venue in question booked by Apple for 22 June could be the very same venue where Jobs launched the three previous iPhones.

One of the venues being mentioned in the rumours is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where many Apple special media events have taken place in the past. Of course, the venue booking can’t be substantiated at the moment.

Another rumour is saying that the new iPhone could be unveiled during the keynote address for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference whic is almost certainly always held at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco. This could be a likely source of the rumours. Simillarly we and no one out there (on one who’s working in Apple at least) can verify any of this.

So all this could very well be a huge puff of smoke or we could be in for a very awesome surprise come June 22.

Stay tuned.