SPOTTED! iPad grey import in Low Yat

Over the weekend, while taking a stroll at Low Yat, we spotted an iPad on display amongst the many small kiosks there.

Our excitement got the better of us and we enquired as to how much would it cost for us to be able to take one home with us.

“RM2800” blurted the uninterested sales guy. The version in question is a baseline 16GB WiFi that retails for US$499.

You don’t have to be a math genuis to know that RM2800 does not equate to US$499. In fact, at the current exchange rate, US$499 is about RM1600. That’s a hefty RM1200 margin, the rude dude at Low Yat is getting for his iPad. You could almost get two iPads for the price the fella is asking.

RM2800 for the privilege of owning an iPad before everyone else is not worth it if you ask us. Might as well save your cash and wait for end April for the official global launch of the iPad.

FYi, we also saw a couple of Nexus Ones on display at the same shop. Didn’t ask how much it cost though.