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P1 W1MAX nationwide outage

We’ve gotten reports that P1 is currently experiencing a nationwide outage.

From subscribers and based on our own experience using the WiMAX service, this is probably is P1’s fourth such outage in recent months.

P1 had one major nationwide outage around the second half of last year and pledged a one day rebate to all its affected customers. With a customer base of around 60,000 subscribers during that outage, we estimate a lost of RM180,000 for the rebate exercise. Not to mention the intangible and far more serious damage the brand’s reputation.

We will provide details as soon as we have them. Stay tuned.

(Update 1613hrs 10 APril 2010) Our WiMAX connection is back up and running. We can get connected to the Internet but speedtest and pingtest is quite bad considering that we’re subscribed to a 2.4Mbps plan.

During the outage, we sent a tweet to the official P1 customer care tweeter account @P1Cares to get more info about the outage but they denied that there was an outage.

Did any you experience connectivity problems from around 1300hrs to 1500hrs today? Do let us know.