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UniFi – TM HSBB Launched

UPDATE: Official Price Plans are out.

TM has finally launched its new High Speed Broadband brand called UniFi at Merdeka Square this evening. UniFi is a convergence of 3 services namely broadband, video content (IPTV) and telephony.

IPTV is something exciting to look forward to as it is seen as a serious 2nd Pay TV operator. Just recently it had announced agreement with 20 content providers and this is expected to grow provided TM is aggressive in getting more channels. At time of launch, there will be 22 channels, video on demand and other interactive services.

3 packages are available with speeds of 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps. This positions UniFi right above Streamyx that tops at 4Mbps. For its IPTV Content, a dedicated 8Mbps will be allocated for this purpose in addition to the broadband package. We believe this would allow IPTV content to stream on an exclusive bandwidth without interfering with broadband usage.

Pricing is not available at the moment but monthly subscription is rumoured to start from RM150 to RM300. An official price plan is expected to be released tomorrow. Official Price starts from RM149, details here.

Availability is still limited to 4 exchange areas namely Shah Alam, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bangsar and Subang Jaya. According to TM, UniFi is now available to 311,000 premises in those 4 areas. It is expected that UniFi will expand to over 48 exchange areas by end 2010 which allows 750,000 premises potentially connected to UniFi.

More details tomorrow.

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