UniFi – TM HSBB Launched

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UPDATE: Official Price Plans are out.

TM has finally launched its new High Speed Broadband brand called UniFi at Merdeka Square this evening. UniFi is a convergence of 3 services namely broadband, video content (IPTV) and telephony.

IPTV is something exciting to look forward to as it is seen as a serious 2nd Pay TV operator. Just recently it had announced agreement with 20 content providers and this is expected to grow provided TM is aggressive in getting more channels. At time of launch, there will be 22 channels, video on demand and other interactive services.

3 packages are available with speeds of 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps. This positions UniFi right above Streamyx that tops at 4Mbps. For its IPTV Content, a dedicated 8Mbps will be allocated for this purpose in addition to the broadband package. We believe this would allow IPTV content to stream on an exclusive bandwidth without interfering with broadband usage.

Pricing is not available at the moment but monthly subscription is rumoured to start from RM150 to RM300. An official price plan is expected to be released tomorrow. Official Price starts from RM149, details here.

Availability is still limited to 4 exchange areas namely Shah Alam, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bangsar and Subang Jaya. According to TM, UniFi is now available to 311,000 premises in those 4 areas. It is expected that UniFi will expand to over 48 exchange areas by end 2010 which allows 750,000 premises potentially connected to UniFi.

More details tomorrow.

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11 Comments for UniFi – TM HSBB Launched



Please read and do the comparison. Click those link and see for yourself that our so-called HSBB is very very expensive. the Gov want the people to have the internet access so that we can make full use of it to make ourselves more learned and Malaysia can move towards paperless administration & society. but with this kind of charges, tell me how many percent of the people can afford it? only the rich and big corporate can enjoy it. what about the small & medium company? the ordinary people? the commoners? the peasant? the student?
we should liberate our telecommunication service so that TM cannot monopolized and charge us a ridiculous pricing.
and for those who is not so smart, don’t convert the currency, apple to apple. the minimum wages in UK is 5pound per hour. USA 7dollars per hour. find out yourself how much minimum wages in Singapore & Australia. in Malaysia the minimum wages is NONE, ZERO, NIL. if you work in McDonald its RM3 per hour. so please do your mathematics and don’t give stupid comment like ” ooh.. they are a developed country while we are still developing”. that kind of remarks may work 10 years ago or before we build the KLCC, F1 Circuit and KLIA.
and ooh.. one more thing, the FUP or bandwidth cap only work maybe in 4th world countries like Papua New Guinea or somewhere on this planet that is so remote that the people still dressed in loincloth or cawat.


    Hi Umar,

    The government has liberalize telecommunication for quite some time now. There's even a law prohibiting monopoly and anti competitive conduct by Telco. The thing is, rolling out HSBB is rather expensive and not many telco willing to invest… They rather take the back seat and see how it goes So no such thing as TM monopolizing. Better check your facts bro.

    In fact, I respect TM for its readiness to try and offer the service, despite the absence of a guaranteed demand by the public. Commercial-wise that you not exactly make sense, but TM did it anyhow.

    Cut them some slack lah… 🙂

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Just a stupid pricing from TM trying to rake in more money.

apple to apple comparison with our neigbour Singapore. we are paying 10x the price with low quality products + the best part cap data.

this is what you call as education the people with better hsbb. blah no support for this hsbb


hallo… astro when come out also very expensive wat. everything at first is not cheap. after a while it will go down. why cant malaysian suport Malaysian products? streamyx at 1st expensive now cheaper wat. everything need to cover the “modal” maa.. if malysian want sumting like in japan or us or singapore why dun they go n live there? cheaper kan? Malaysia nk maju mcm mane klu nak down kan jer. support la beb..


well said Syaz!

this people only know how to complain but never to support. Have u guys see the package being offered? do u know how much is the cost for the whole setup (box and Etc). if u want things for free, might as well run your own company guys!!

i got sick n tired with 3rd class mentality, i myself subscribe to 1mbps streamyx and am very proud of it. who says TM monopolize everything? get P1 if u r not happy with streamyx n see for urself. i experienced both and i am in a situation to comment

for me, i cant wait for UNIFI at my area, will subscribe the 5mbps without further hesitation….

wake up and smell the coffee


Another rip-off from TM Nut. The quality will be poor regardless of the theoretical throughput. There is no point is paying for faster speed when there is so much packet loss, latency, misconfigured routes, useless technical support … Unfortunately, other ISPs in Malaysia are not much better because they also use the broken TM backbone. Monopoly + Corruption = Malaysia Internet.


1 thing only i can say, if u dont like the price u can subscribe to other provider, if u compaining about the min salary, then u can go to other country..lmao talk much


Brother….sini malaysia la.apa cakap banyak-banyak,cakap sampai mulut pecah pun tak guna punya la…Malaysia boleh…apa pun boleh berlaku..janagan bimbang…..

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LOL! TM is going to cheat naive citizen’s money again! It is very funny! What for they give us so fast internet speed and set download quota? I’m using 2Mbps now and my weekly download capacity is 40GB! Hey bro! Think smartly la! U get a 5Mbps and after 1 week u already finish using 60GB, and u can no more enjoy the 5Mpbs speed! What for u get so fast speed but can’t download? Facebook run faster? Banking faster? Those stuffs 2Mbps is enough already la! Everyone think think think first!!