Security Flaw on P1 DV 230 WiMAX Modem allows WiFi Stealing

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P1’s DV 230 WiMAX Modem is one of the first WiMAX with WiFi modem that’s easy to use thanks to its simple plug and play approach. The only technical bit for the user is to enter the predefined WEP password which is uniquely customised for each USB WiFi Module.

It looks all good and dandy but there’s just one small problem. We found out that the “unique” WEP password isn’t that unique after all.

If you’ve seen or used one of these, you will notice that they will give a randomised Wireless Access Point name or SSID such as 07D24A and followed by a long WEP password such as 7D24A1FFB0. Sure, you think that this is all safe but recently it was brought to our attention that there’s a simple flaw with the way they created these unique WEP passwords.

How to access your neighbour’s default unconfigured P1 DV 230 Modem?

After reading up some postings online and comparison with our own, we’ve discovered a similar pattern in all P1 DV 230 modems. Here’s how you get the WEP Password from the SSID:

  1. Get the SSID. e.g. 02B92C
  2. Remove the first character. (02B92C -> 2B92C)
  3. Add 1FFB0 (Zero not the letter O) (WEP Password: 2B92C1FFB0)

Easy, isn’t it? By default, most P1 customers would just switch on the modem and surf away without any need of changing the password. Therefore, it is highly likely that anyone can scan their WiFi and search for a SSID that contains 6 random numbers which is most probably a P1 WiFi modem. With the technique above, anyone can access a default P1 DV 230 modem without much restriction.

We’re surprised that P1 didn’t actually randomised the WEP Passwords and to add more insult to the injury, P1 also didn’t also put much effort in educating its customers on the need of changing their WEP password for security reasons.

Disclaimer: We do not condone unauthorised use and stealing of other people’s WiFi connection. We’re not responsible if you’re caught stealing WiFi connection and you may be subject to legal action if found guilty of doing so.

How do you protect your P1 DV 230 Modem?

If you’re a P1 DV 230 Modem user, you can change your WiFi WEP Password to prevent your neighbours from potentially sucking up your limited monthly bandwidth with the steps below.

  1. From your browser which could be either Internet Explorer or Firefox, enter
  2. Enter the following:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin123
  3. Click on Networking at the top right
  4. On the left, click on WiFi
  5. Click on NEXT at the bottom to see your WiFi security settings.
  6. Select Manual Define and you will be able to make changes to your SSID and WEP Password.
  7. Apply and reboot your modem by clicking on the power icon on the top right.
  8. Your laptop/computer will be disconnected and you may need to search for the P1 DV 230 modem with the new settings.

If you feel your P1 connection is faster or use less bandwidth after changing your password, it looks like you’ve been suckered by someone close by.

We hope that P1 will notify its customers on this and hopefully they won’t repeat such security flaw in their future products.

DV 230 Manual Download


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38 Comments for Security Flaw on P1 DV 230 WiMAX Modem allows WiFi Stealing


hi there. thanks for pinging back.
i notice that the default security can be hacked by one of my reader. but i didnt try it. agree with you that P1 should more alert about this issue.

kentut busuk

why r you tell them how to protect….aparaaaa


Thanx for your tips…It really works dude!! after i have changed the ssid and network key…the connection seems superfast back like the very first time i used this piece of s*&t modem…now i can play ps3 online at peace!!…thanks again…


    Whoops…looks like your connection got hijacked. Happy to know you're surfing well again. Make sure the password's difficult to crack ok 🙂


      Hi again SC…ok now I have another problem….lately i've been experiencing 'server connection timeout' most of the time when i play modern warfare 2 on ps3….i can't even complete the game most of the time….besides surfing the net or downloading files…it is superb…but just dont understand why i have this connection problem on ps3….i don't know whether it is the server from modern warfare2…but my friend using p1 wimax doesnt seem to get this problem when playing the game…its lagging at times but never disconnected….any advice on this??


        We suspect its a DNS problem on the network side. We've been experiecing simillar kinds of problems where we can local sites just fine but have difficulty accessing international sites like YouTube and Facebok.

        Can you try accessing local and international sites and see if you encounter the same issue? If you are seeing the same problems, it is most definitely DNS problems on the P1 W1MAX network.

        The biggest issue with this problem is that it is sporadic, we can't replicate the problem consistently.

        Hope this helps.

    The Dot

    bro, you're using what type of speed on your p1 to play ps3?


hei, boys and girls!!

soya cincau dah tell the teacher that we have been stealing wifi… nevermind, soya cincau is the pengawas…. hahahha, well soya cincau, i'm the original poster from azman ishak's blog and i have millions more interesting facts about REAL computing in malaysian context rather than your "cut-and-paste" materials.. so if you need more content that you can steal without CITING THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR, and pass it as your own discovery, you know where to reach me!! >.<


    wah .. belagak nye dia


Thanks for dropping by. Wow even "experts" read our blog. kewl. Do visit more often ok

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whn i type i cn c the page but whn i type the admin n admin123 it says there login fail..y is tat?


    Probably the password is changed?


everytime i try to key in, and apply, it says Value must be HEX code or something. wtf is that?


    same like me..why?

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help i can find my p1 wifi network but i found network adress like HT_AP0,HT_PO1,………i know that it come from my wifi modem how i solve this????


    Try doing a hard reset and reconfigure the modem. Good luck!


what about if the SSID is like 0F1D96..?
what is its security key..??
i cant aply the technique above to find its security key on that kind of SSID..


    If you wish to reset, better get a small thin object to reset the device. You should get back the original wifi password as printed on the sticker




soli F1D961FFB0


Someone stole the usb dongle that come with the dv 203 modem can they steal my bandwidth? What can be use on that usb dongle?


The USB dongle is just a wifi adapter and its not tied to your account. If the thief plugged it to his DV230, the connection still runs on his account.

Weird how people would steal such a thing, leaving the modem behind.


what about if the SSID is 2FD196?

what is the security key?



    Jeffrey Kok Mun Hong

    the password is fd1961ffb2….

Muhammad Hafiq

Bro i got a problem .. I had wrong edit in Networking>Lan>Lan Setting [Lan IP Address default actually , but i've change] .. now i cannot connect internet anymore .. also open wimax mobile station cannot .. i need help bro ..

D' madness

what modem you are using?…DX230-white modem try to search reset hole and do reset….you need to do it while the modem on…use your paper pin and press the button inside the whole for about 10-20 second then the light is off…your modem back to normal


thanks bro. you post really helpful!


thankies,it works


    Now got sware to crack wifi pw even u changed. I paired my p1 modem with tplink wifi router coz tp link able to reject unwanted wifi hacker thru only allowing your house mac address only..P1 wifi cant do this….peacefull at last…..


whether u use default password,or new password that u created by urself, i still can hack your wifi..
wifi password is very easy 1 to hack


    im agree with you, im already hack many wifi using back****k, wheter they change or not still can hack, its their fault share their ssid,wakakakak


its okay,still can hack,do you want me teach you how..


thanks SC. rite now my line quite smooth 😉


what about ssid 3F7FA0

Eric yip

Is suck,I pay money for internet till can”t use by myself.only saw people hank my computer.n can’t use the internet.shot.anyone can help.thanks