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TM Streamyx BlockBuster Deals: Broadband + Voice

Streamyx has sweeten up their offer with the new BlockBuster Deals that is obviously pushing their voice business.

This could also be seen as a Streamyx retention campaign as well as to encourage more usage of voice by offering FREE Calls to all TM Fixed Line and attractive mobile call rates.

There are 4 Broadband + Voice plans and 3 Voice only plans on offer.

Broadband + Voice offering

The broadband & voice deals range from 512kbps to 4Mbps with price range between RM90-RM160/month. All 4 includes:

  • Free WiFi Modem
  • Free Cordless DECT Phone
  • Free Calls to all TM Fixed Line (including 1300 & 1800)
  • Zero entry cost (installation & activation fee) until further notice

Calls to mobile and non-TM fixed lines are charged at a flat rate of 15sen/min for the 512kbps package while the rest are charged at 10sen/min.

There’s a minimum contract period of 12 months.

Voice Offering

3 voice deals on offer starts from RM38/month with:

  • Free Cordless DECT Phone
  • Free Calls to all TM Fixed Line

Calls to mobile are charged at 15sen/min for Voice Deal 38, 12sen/min for Voice Deal 48 and 10sen/min for Voice Deal 68. Voice Deal 48 also comes with 60 minutes of bundled talk time while Voice Deal 68 comes with 120 minutes of bundled talk time for mobile calls.

Minimum contract is 6 months.

Table Comparison

More Details here. Don’t forget to read the FAQ.