Maxis Mobile Internet cease unlimited plan, introduce smaller packages


Maxis has revised its Mobile Internet Plans for its users. The unlimited mobile internet  RM99/month package is no longer offered. Instead, they have introduced a total of 5 packages which ranges from hourly to monthly package to suit different needs.

For those who need mobile Internet for a short period of time, without worrying about paying more, there are hourly rates of RM2. This is is equivalent to 3.3 sen/minute. There’s a 100MB limit for this package however which is achievable if you download continous rate of 27KByte per second for 60 minutes.

For whole day usage, there’s a daily package for RM8/day. However the maximum limit is 500MB.

On a monthly basis, there’s a 500MB, 1.5GB and 3GB monthly plan that are charged at RM58/month, RM78/month and RM88/month respectively.

If an event where you exceed the given quota for hourly and daily use, Maxis will charge excess usage at 1 sen/Kbyte for peak and 0.5sen/Kbyte for off peak . Monthly plans excess charge at fixed at 0.5sen/Kbyte.

Too bad they have stopped the unlimited plan with speed throttling for excess usage. With these changes, mobile users on Maxis have to beware on their usage as now there’s a risk of paying more than your monthly data subscription.

More details here.