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DiGi Broadband with FREE HP Mini Bundling


As netbooks are the most value gadget in mobile computing, it has been quite common to see it being bundled free with mobile broadband packages these days. Maxis bundles the Dell mini, P1 bundles Acer Aspire One while AMAX bundles the HP Mini.

Not to be left behind, DiGi has also started its FREE netbook bundling with the HP Mini powered by the already familiar Intel Atom processor. In the specs, it is also written that WWAN supported which we assume is built-in 3G Module.

This HP Mini can be yours for FREE with DiGi Broadband’s Explore Plan at RM138/month over 2 year contact subscription. Average speed is 700kbps download and 200kbps upload with a generous monthly data bandwidth of 16GB per month. 700kbps is quite sufficient for average speed and we had to commend DiGi for 16GB monthly bandwidth which is more than P1 Wiggy’s 10GB data bandwidth.

As mentioned in our previous post, DiGi uses average speed instead of the typical theoritical up to speed in their product communication. So far this has been quite favourable as users tend to get more than the average speed and typically gotten more than advertised.

This is comparable with P1’s recent Wiggy which had been facing complaints of overpromising 10Mbps download speed. As a result, P1 had to insert an average speed between 1-3Mbps to manage expectations. So DiGi must have doing broadband right after all with its “average speed” advertising.

For more details on the DiGi Broadband HP Mini Bundling, click here.