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Maxis introduces FastTap NFC Service



You may have heard or seen NFC before. NFC, which is Near Field Communication is now available in Malaysia thanks to Maxis, called FastTap.

So what is NFC? Basically its like a Mobile ID/Wallet that works similarly like Touch n Go. Imagine, the ability to make retail purchase and pay using your mobile phone by tapping on a reader device. Same goes to LRT, where you can just tap your mobile phone on the entry/exit gate reader boards.

Maxis is offering FastTap with only 1 phone model, which is the Nokia 6212 Classic which costs from RM499 on a Maxis Value Plus 150 plan for 24 months. There isn’t much details on the site, but initial impression tells us that it is a integration of Touch n Go, Visa Wave & Maybank. Upon checking on the usage areas, you can use FastTap at most Touch n Go and Visa Wave enabled retails.

For early adopters, Maxis giving FREE 1 month unlimited data, 1 month phone backup service, RM10 Touch n Go credit & FREE Maybankard Visa Wave for life on your mobile. Plus, they are running a contest that gives away LCD TVs and Bluray players for those who use. 

For more info, visit the FastTap site.

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