AMAX WiMAX new package and promotions

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Update: AMAX WiMAX undergoing re-engineering, read about it here.


AMAX, is one of the 4 WiMAX operators in Malaysia which hasn’t been visible in the market. Apparently they are doing low key promotions as opposed to P1 W1MAX aggresive campaigns almost everywhere.

Not many people know what AMAX is, let alone their packages or coverage areas but recently we were given a tip off by a reader with their promotion.

Broadband Packages

A) Single User Package
-USB Modem
-Unlimited Data Usage / Bandwidth
-12 months contract
RM99/month (RM60/month for students)

B) Multi User Package
-4 Port Router Modem + Free WiFi Router
-Unlimited Data Usage / Bandwidth
-12 months contract

C) Business Package
2.0Mbps (1.0Mbps for USB)
-USB Modem + 4 Port Router Modem + Free WiFi Router + External WiMAX Antenna
-Unlimited Data Usage / Bandwidth
-12 months contract

Bundling Packages

A) HP Mini+ USB Modem Bundle
-HP Mini-1001ITU Netbook
-USB Modem
-Unlimited Data Usage / Bandwidth
-24 months contract

B) Compaq Presario CQ40 + USB Modem Bundle
-Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook
-USB Modem
-Unlimited Data Usage / Bandwidth
-24 months contract


AMAX Kelana Jaya Coverage

AMAX WiMAX Coverage areas has been quite a mystery. However we managed to obtain several coverage plots on google maps as follows:

1) Kelana Jaya 1 (view map)

2) Kelana Jaya 2 (view map)

3) Bandar Puchong Jaya (view map)

4) Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil (view map)

5) Bandar Sri Petaling (view map)

6) Taman Maluri, Cheras (view map)

7) Subang Jaya (view map)

8) TTDI (view map)

9) Bukit Anggerik Cheras (view map)


From first impression, AMAX has a wider choice of WiMAX devices/bundles by offering USB, Multi-user 4 port Modem & free WiFi Router for Multi-user/Business plans. This is comparable with P1 which offers only a single LAN based WiMAX modem which isn’t practical for mobile while a multi-user bundle is not available at the moment.  However comparing with our sources, P1 too will be launching their USB WiMAX modem soon but actual launch plans are not clear at the moment.

If you look at the packages, you would also notice that AMAX shouts on unlimited usage / bandwidth for all plans. We don’t see any Fair Use Policy or restrictions on P2P downloads at the moment. Perhaps as it is still new, they would let it free flow and would start imposing usage quota only after a substantial number of subscribers have been reached. This would be an added advantage as we have seen P1 customers claiming that their standard 20GB per month for the 1.2Mbps package is simply not enough.

On the coverage, AMAX has yet to prove themselves as they have been very quiet and nobody knows them yet. There is hardly any visibility of AMAX in the areas and they should launch an all out awareness campaign like P1 in order to get more subscribers.

In the other hand, we would also urged AMAX to look into their website as it is just useless in giving out information on their current offerings and coverage areas. Even some pages are not linked properly and the flash is just annoying to browse. Under coverage area, it still states that AMAX aims to cover the entire Klang Valley by 2008. AMAX, if you are reading this, your website is seriously needing a revamp. As a wireless broadband provider, you can’t afford not to have a proper website that keeps your potential customers well informed on your products and services.

For those who are seeking for a true mobile WiMAX connection, AMAX would be just for you with their RM99 USB Modem package. However the weakness is on their coverage areas which isn’t that extensive as P1. At the same time, students can enjoy a cheaper rate of only RM60/month which makes this the most affordable mobile WiMAX package in Malaysia for a 1.0Mbps connection with unlimited usage.

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21 Comments for AMAX WiMAX new package and promotions

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Is there anyone has using this AMAX in kelana jaya area? How is the connection so far? Any issue?


I very satisfied with using amax
Download speed very fast
watching youtube also going smooth
my area is sri petaling
i try with speed test around 1.18MB
is ok and better that P1 (BloodSucker) Internet Provider


chandra if u are interest can send ur address to my email..if coverage area we can go your house to do a demo show you how speed it…[email protected]

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why AMAX WiMAX didn;t Coverage areas taman salak south…just near by sri petaling…

if have i will try to use it..i dislike p1..begin is fast after that slow until like ….


lucky my home has amax cvrg.soon i will register it.p1 not cvrg yet.i’ve heard p1 is bad.

ten yong khang

i am the user of amax wimax, the company said that highspeed download, so we were purchase 1.5 mb for 138 ringgit malaysia. but the problem is coming now, the speed is too slow, even cannot watch movie online, cannot download, and the speedtest data come out is only 0.5mb, then where is our another 1mb? please don’t cheat us again.


I can’t imagine some areas like TBR (Tmn Bunga Raya), Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju Section 1 & 2 & Tmn Melati area is not in coverage since all these areas are occupying by TARCIAN and always shifting. The business not big enough for wireless broadband/wimax? Idiot AMAX project planner…


i wrote several things about p1wimax. most of them are complaints, of course. the coverage is good but the after sales and customer service are pretty disappointing.
check them out in my blog.


can i asking,isit bandar sunway mentari court is inside the coverage?


the rates have been changed
it’s rm68 for single user
and so on…
with no capping, it’s lot cheaper than p1


I am been using amax wimax for 3 months now, its service really sucks very2 slow,not stable,always get disconnected worse then streamyx,decided to terminate the service,for early termination amax asking me to pay rm 200.for what…why did i subcribe for this service.what a waste of money.guys wimax sucks


Is Pelangi Damansara, PJU 6 is under coverage ?
(near Ikea / The Curve)


is taman puncak jalil,seri kembangan is under coverage??????????????


i dont think its available at taman puncak jalil, even streamyx is not available yet. for now, only maxis broadband is available.

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