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DiGi New Postpaid: DG20, DG50, DG150 & DG250

As mentioned earlier, Digi is shaking up the postpaid market with its new 4 postpaid plans.

The plan names of DG 20, DG 50, DG 150 & DG 250 may look like it represents the monthly commitment usage but it is actually different for the case of DG 20 & DG 250. DG 20 & DG  250 is actually monthly subscription based plans which is similar to monthly access fee.

The Rates


  • 20 sen/minute for calls to all networks
  • 15 sen/SMS to all networks
  • RM20 Subscription Fee


  • 13 sen/minute for calls to all networks
  • 10 sen/SMS to all networks
  • RM50 Monthly Commitment Fee


  • 10 sen/minute for calls to all networks
  • 10 sen/SMS to all networks
  • FREE on-net calls & SMS if total usage exceeds RM150
  • RM150 Monthly Commitment Fee


  • FREE Domestic Calls & SMS to all networks (up to RM600/month)
  • 10 sen/minute for calls & 10 sen/SMS for excess usage after RM600
  • RM250 Subscription Fee

Monthly Commitment vs Subscription

The 4 may look the same but it should be noted that there is a difference between Monthly commitment and Subscription fee. At first, our first impression was that DG 20 would be the lowest postpaid plan but a closer check revealed that it is actually RM20 subscription fee + usage with no subscription fee waiver for a minimum usage. Who pays for subscription/access fee these days?

Super Plan for heavy users (Cakap dan SMS Banyak)

The DG250 plan looks like a heavy duty plan for those make calls more frequent than normal. RM250 subscription gives you RM600 worth of calls & usage. RM600 is equivalent to 100 hours (6000 minutes) of talk to all networks or 6000 SMS a month. Additional usage exceeding RM600 would be charged at 10 sen/minute.

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It is interesting to see the reactions from other Maxis & Celcom after DiGi and U Mobile has launched its new postpaid line up. Will this spark another round of price war? We wonder how much longer can Malaysian telcos sustain by cutting their rates lower. What’s for sure is that consumers will be benefiting from it especially when MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is made available soon.

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