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Maxis Down in Sabah

Update 3rd July 2008: Maxis Service in Sabah is reported to be back to normal since this morning.

Since Monday, Maxis subscribers in Sabah were caught with a surprise when their phone starts showing No Network or Emergency Calls only. This leaves Sabah Maxis subscribers disconnected causing frustration and inconvenience for several days now.

To date there isn’t any official explanation of the cause of the service outage. However it seems that Maxis is trying their best to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Some reported that Maxis service was up for several hours before going back down again. On Maxis website, they have post a new notice that Sabah subscribers can make/receive Calls and SMS but may experience some difficulty in connecting. A quick check on the ground in Sabah revealed that Maxis network showed some improvement but its still far from fully up and running.

Maxis Down Sabah

Hopefully Maxis service in Sabah will be restored as soon as possible as I believe Digi & Celcom would be enjoying a spike of prepaid sales right now.


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