Is your dog scared of fireworks? Ford has developed a kennel with noise cancellation

Ford dog kennel

As the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Day, everybody will be celebrating with loads of fireworks in the sky. Unfortunately, many animals especially dogs are afraid of loud noises. 

To keep our furry friends safe during the occasion, Ford has designed a special dog kennel that incorporates one of its car technologies to reduce noise. 

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Lenovo Z5 Pro GT is an all-screen slider phone with an insane 12GB of RAM

Lenovo Z5 pro GT

Lenovo has just given its Z5 Pro flagship smartphone a much-needed turbo upgrade just in time for 2019. This isn’t just a mere RAM and storage upgrade. The new Lenovo Z5 Pro GT edition is running on Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor and it is also the first smartphone with 12GB of RAM. As a comparison, the recently announced OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition comes with 10GB of RAM. 

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Huawei challenges countries that banned their 5G equipment to show evidence of security threat

Image: Huawei

Recently, the US government had banned Huawei from rolling out 5G and they have called upon other countries to do the same over security concerns. Huawei is also barred from selling 5G equipment in Australia, New Zealand and Japan based on suspicion that they are working under the influence of the Chinese government. Huawei has repeatedly denied such claims. 

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PLUS RFID to continue despite legal action from CIMB. Denies breaching any agreement

Touch ‘n Go‘s parent company, CIMB Group, had recently filed an Arbitration Notice against PLUS for launching their own RFID system. They claim that this was a breach of a joint venture agreement that was signed in 1998 and CIMB is seeking an injunction to stop PLUS from engaging in the RFID business. 

The highway concessionaire today had acknowledged the arbitration notice but it isn’t pulling the brakes on its ongoing RFID initiatives. 

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Get Google’s excellent Night Sight feature on the Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro and Honor Play

Google’s Night Sight is a big deal because you can take really, really, really good low-light photos without the need to use a tripod. The feature is available for Google’s Pixel range of devices specifically the original Pixel, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 3. If you don’t have a Pixel, sorry, Night Sight is not for you. That is, until now.

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