Touch N Go responds to backlash; suspends cumbersome mobile reload function

Posted:  March 24, 2018   By:    4 comments   

Touch N Go suspends mobile app reload

A few days ago, Touch N Go had introduced its mobile app which lets you reload your physical Touch N Go card. This is a feature which many users have been waiting for. Imagine being able to top up your card at any time and at anywhere with your smartphone.

However, for those who have tried it, it turns out that the reload function isn’t as convenient as it seems. With complaints pouring in, Touch N Go has suspended this reload channel until further notice.

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Free Yonder Music no longer available for Celcom customers

Posted:  March 24, 2018   By:    1 comment   

Yonder Music is a free music streaming service that’s provided exclusively for Celcom and Xpax customers. Not only the subscription is free but customers can stream music without utilising data from their current data plan.

Unfortunately, it appears that the music streaming service is no longer available for Celcom/Xpax customers in Malaysia.

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The squeezable HTC U11 is now going for less than RM2,200 in Malaysia

Posted:  March 23, 2018   By:    2 comments   

HTC U11 Malaysia low price

The HTC U11 is probably one of the most underrated smartphones of 2017. It has a top of a line Snapdragon 835 processor, great BoomSound HiFi speakers and an awesome UltraPixel 3 camera. Originally announced at RM3,099, you can get it now at about RM900 off.

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These are the purported specs of the OPPO F7 with a 25MP selfie camera

Posted:  March 23, 2018   By:    3 comments   

OPPO F7 Specs

OPPO’s next big thing is the OPPO R15 but the phone that’s likely to come to Malaysia will be the OPPO F7. This is the successor of the current OPPO F5 series and it boasts a 25MP selfie camera.

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This has to be the stupidest way to top up your Touch N Go card ever

Posted:  March 23, 2018   By:    127 comments   

UPDATE: Touch N Go suspends their mobile reload feature. Here’s their full statement.

Reloading a Touch N Go (TNG) card has always been a pain in the butt. While the introduction of those TNG terminals in shopping malls is a nice touch, it’s still super inconvenient that you can’t just reload online or through an app.

That is, until now. We discovered recently that TNG released a new app that allows you to reload your card right from your smartphone. But, this is Touch N Go we’re talking about, so of course there’s some silly, confounding catch that makes things a whole lot more inconvenient than it should be. In fact, it’s so unnecessarily complex that it almost plays itself out like the three stages in a magic trick.

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Maxis rewards top students that excelled in their studies with eKelas

Posted:  March 23, 2018   By:    1 comment   

The internet is an amazing thing but unfortunately, not everyone are fortunate enough to enjoy the same level of access especially in rural and urban poor areas. As part of Maxis’ flagship CSR campaign, they have introduced eKelas, an after-school technology-enabled learning program, with the objective to improve the academic performance of students especially in rural areas.

To celebrate a new milestone and to recognise top performing students, Maxis is rewarding those that have showed the most improvement in their studies with the help of eKelas.

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This could be the new iPad for 2018 and it’s missing one big feature

Posted:  March 23, 2018   By:    7 comments   

iPad 2018

After radically redesigning the iPhone with the iPhone X, Apple’s next focus would be the iPad. Since its introduction, the iPad has remained the same slab design with some slight tweaks on the bezels as seen on their current iPad Pro series.

While the tablet segment isn’t as hot as before, the iPad still remains the top seller. If you’re looking for a new fresh design, Evan Blass has just shared what appears to be the first clear look of the new iPad which now loses a key iconic feature which was there since its introduction on April 2010.

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Retailers cannot impose surcharge for card payments according to Bank Negara

Posted:  March 22, 2018   By:    39 comments   

If you’re tired of being forced to pay a surcharge when you use your credit or debit card for payments, there’s good news. Bank Negara Malaysia has finally decreed that retailers cannot impose surcharges for payments using debit and credit cards.

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You can buy Samsung’s Galaxy S9 for RM400 off

Posted:  March 22, 2018   By:    17 comments   

UPDATE: The promotion is actually available from now until the 25th of March 2018.

If you’ve been eyeing a brand new flagship smartphone, there’s good news because you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 for a juicy RM400 off.

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Apple Watch gets new watch band options for Spring

Posted:  March 22, 2018   By:    3 comments   

Apple watch bands malaysia

Need a new strap for your Apple Watch? Apple has announced its new Spring collection of Watch bands for the Apple Watch. Available in new colours and design, it is applicable to all Apple Watch versions including the first gen model.

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