Microsoft introduces Windows 10 to the masses

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Readily available to those who are on the Windows insider program which began last year in October – the much anticipated bridge-gaping Windows 10 has gone live in 190 countries. Including the lauded features from the notably clean Windows 7 and the touch-screen friendly tiles of Windows 8, Windows 10 brings that and a whole lot more. The OS will be free for those who currently have a valid copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

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Samsung releases its ultra-thin Galaxy A8 phablet in Malaysia

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The Samsung Galaxy A series aims to deliver an affordable premium experience for the masses. Now they have just introduced its latest member, the Galaxy A8.

At 5.7 inches, it has the same screen size as the Galaxy Note series and it is also Samsung’s thinnest smart phone at only 5.9mm. The Galaxy A8 is officially launched in Malaysia at RM1,888 and we’re getting the 32GB storage option along with dual-SIMs supporting 4G LTE.

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HTC One E9+ has landed in Malaysia. Its larger flagship with a lower price tag

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HTC Malaysia has officially announced the One E9+ in Malaysia, which is the affordable alternative to its current One M9+ flagship. Priced at RM1,899, it is RM700 cheaper than its metal clad flagship and it even gets a larger 5.5″ display that does a Quad HD resolution of 2560×1440. The noticable difference of course is the build where the One E9+ has a matte plastic back but it still gets a metal frame around the device for a more upmarket feel.

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You can now rent or buy movies on the Malaysian Google Play Store

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If you launched the Google Play Store this morning, you’re likely to be greeted by a new terms of service pop-up and there’s a good reason for that. Google Play Movies has finally landed in Malaysia, offering users the option to rent or purchase movie content.

In terms of cost, renting a movie starts at RM10 for Standard Definition and we noticed it can go up to RM17 for HD. Once you’ve started playing your rented movies, it will expire after 48 hours but take note that it will sit on your library unplayed for up to 30 days. If you prefer keeping your movies, it will cost anything from RM29 for SD and up to RM67 for HD. Of course the price varies depending on content but do expect an average of RM10-13 for a standard rental and an average of RM50 to purchase.

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Meizu’s new entry-level smart phone doubles up for less

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About 6 months ago, Meizu had just gotten its hands into the entry-level smart phone segment with the m1, or better known as Blue Charm (“Mei Lan”) in China. With Xiaomi having its Redmi 2 enhanced version, Meizu has finally a well deserved response with its new m2 smart phone.

The m2 looks the same as the former m1, with an identical 5″ HD 720p IPS display and the front capacitive home button is now replaced with a physical key. Powering the device is a newer MediaTek MT6735 Quad-Core processor but it is clocked lower at 1.3GHz. As comparison, the previous m1 runs on a MediaTek MT6732 procesor with 4 cores running at 1.5GHz.

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Sony Xperia Z3+ First Impressions

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Despite the phone seeing its entry into the Malaysian market a good month or so ago, we finally get to try out the Sony Xperia Z3+ in the flesh. The phone is essentially an updated version of the waterproof Sony Xperia Z3 that’s skinnier, lighter than it’s counterpart and has a bare microUSB port.

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The OPPO R7 Place Race is on with an OPPO R7 Plus Gold as grand prize

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Are you ready to win yourself a OPPO’s latest flagship worth RM1,998 ? then join up in the R7 Series Place Race that starts now till 8th August to snag yourself the OPPO R7 Plus Gold and other goodies. This isn’t the first time they’ve had a contest to give out this exclusive version of their phone

The R7 Series Place Race has two categories, “Everyday Ranking” and “Ultimate Ranking” where participants will be rewarded on a daily basis based on total points while the second takes into account the player’s accumulated points over the event period. The game will end at exactly 11.59 PM, Saturday 8th August 2015.

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Samsung introduces a 16MP CMOS Sensor based on 1.0 micron pixels

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As smart phones get better in photography, the protruding camera bumps are unavoidable these days. This is due to size constraints of its camera sensor that’s harder to fit on ultra-thin designs. With Samsung being a major player in the semiconductor business, they have just announced the industry’s first 1.0 micron pixel based 16MP CMOS Image Sensor for mobile devices.

The Samsung S5K3P3 image sensor utilises their own ISOCELL technology that was first featured on the Galaxy S5. This helps reduce crosstalk between nearby pixels and it helps to increase light sensitivity as well.

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Google Street View begins initial roll-out in Sabah and Sarawak

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2 years after the first inception of Google Street View in the Malaysian Peninsular, Google’s trademark virtual reality map gets availability in main areas of Sabah and Sarawak. Street View has been a part of Google’s features since the mid-2007, giving a more hands on experience of virtual navigation.

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Moto X for 2015 grows bigger with 5.5″ and 5.7″ sizes

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The 3rd gen Moto X comes as a big surprise today where they have announced not one, but two version with distinctive specs and sizes. In the previous Moto X for 2014, it was quite an average flagship device with a 5.2″ Full HD display and a Snapdragon 801 processor that’s powered by a rather small 2,300mAh capacity battery. For 2015, Motorola is trying to cover all segments above the Moto G with a mid-range 5.5″ Moto X Play and a higher-spec 5.7″ Moto X Style.

What are the differences between the two? Read on to find out.

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