Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G now offered from RM99 with MaxisOne Plan

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The Redmi Note 4G has finally arrived in Malaysia and it is available with its usual online flash sales. If you’re needing a 4G postpaid plan and want to get a unit without the mad rush, Maxis is now offering the device on contract with its MaxisOne Plan.

Retailing at RM589, the Redmi Note 4G can be yours from only RM99 with a 24 months contract. The full Redmi Note 4G bundled pricing with Maxis are as follows:

MaxisOne Plan Lite (1GB – RM78/month) – RM299
MaxisOne Plan (2GB – RM128/month) – RM99
MaxisOne Plan (3GB – RM158/month) – RM99

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LG G3 and LG G3 Stylus official pricing revealed

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UPDATE: LG G3 and LG G3 Stylus will be on sale in Malaysia on 22nd December. Here’s list list of LG Mobile dealers.

A few days ago, LG Malaysia had surprised everyone with its comeback to our local smart phone scene. They will be launching 2 smart phones – the flagship LG G3 and its affordable LG G3 Stylus.

The folks at Amanz have received confirmation from distributor Brightstar that the LG G3 will be priced at RM1,699 while its affordable LG G3 Stylus is priced at RM799.

Obviously after a 7 months wait, the LG G3 isn’t spanking new but it still boast high-spec credentials with a 5.5″ Quad HD display and it runs on a 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor that’s mated to 3GB of RAM. It also has 32GB of on-board storage, 13MP main camera with Optical Image Stabiliser and a decent 3,000mAh capacity battery.

A unique feature on the LG G3 is its Laser AF assist to reduce its focusing time. It supports 4G LTE and currently it runs on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. Its Android 5.0 Lollipop update has been released and it should be rolling out to Malaysia very soon.

The overall hardware on the G3 is quite close with OPPO Find 7 but the LG is thinner, lighter and narrower in comparison. You can see how it stacks up against the rest in our smart phone comparison.

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Microsoft takes over HERE maps development for Windows Phone

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The popular HERE maps with offline turn by turn functionality for Windows Phone will no longer be developed by Nokia. Microsoft will take over its future development but that doesn’t mean that Nokia is abandoning HERE maps altogether.

Most recently they had released an Android version as well as an extension for Samsung Gear S smart watch. Nokia still has plans to expand HERE maps and soon they will be announcing an iOS version in 2015. Hopefully Microsoft would be able to maintain HERE maps for Windows Phone with necessary updates in the near future.


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OnePlus is making their own custom ROM and they want you to name it

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OnePlus, which is now a year old is running a contest to name its upcoming new ROM. The OnePlus One smart phone was launched with Cyanogen for international markets while China units are running on OPPO’s ColorOS.

With its recent roadblock of using Cyanogen in India, the obvious next step is for them to develop their own custom ROM. Like what users would expect, the upcoming ROM would be close to stock experience, bloat-free and has room for customisation.

To stand a chance to make naming history, just drop your suggestion along with your details in their Google Docs form and you’ll stand a chance to win a OnePlus One Smart Phone (64GB) and round trip to Hong Kong to meet the OnePlus team. They are also giving away its new 10,000mAh Power Bank to its 20 finalist.


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Meizu’s new affordable smart phone leaked ahead of launch

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Meizu will be announcing its affordable smart phones that would go head on with the likes of Xiaomi’s Redmi series. It will be announced at their upcoming “No Blue” event that’s taking place next Tuesday. For those who are curious, we now have an early peek of what may look like thanks to a couple of leaked shots.

The upcoming Blue Charm smart phone (aka Meizu K52) is said to come in 2 sizes – 4.7″ and 5.5″ which is similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both will be having Full HD resolution and the smaller 4.7″ model could be priced at 799 CNY (about RM447). If the pricing is true, this is possibly the most affordable new smart phone with a Full HD display.

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BlackBerry Classic is now official. Its new device with a familiar BlackBerry Bold design

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There’s a saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. After introducing a series of BlackBerry 10 OS devices, the enterprise centric smart phone maker has finally announced its BlackBerry Classic. This is their latest model with a touch of their BlackBerry Bold of old. At first glance, it retains a familiar QWERTY keyboard that most business execs would be familiar with, along with a trackpad and a set of dedicated physical keys underneath the screen.

BlackBerry is positioning this as the replacement of its former BlackBerry Bold 9900, its last flagship model before making the switch to BlackBerry 10 platform. The new Classic claims to offer 60% more display real estate, 50% more battery life and 3X faster web browser performance over the previous Bold 9900.

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Bad reception indoors? DiGi offers FemtoCell for Business Users

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Telcos have been shouting about wider mobile coverage and most of them have embarked on a network upgrade exercise to keep up with growing demand. Despite that, there are users that struggle with mobile black spots. A situation where reception is just so bad that you can’t even make or receive basic phone calls. There are a lot of factors that causes this including distance from the nearest base station as well as infrastructure of a building which hampers signal performance.

Now you can take matters to your own hands (sort of), as DiGi is introducing FemtoCell for DiGi Business users. If you’re wondering what FemtoCell is, it is basically your very own base station that runs on your existing internet connection.

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OnePlus announces its own 10,000mAh Power Bank

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Some of you had guessed it right. OnePlus now has a power bank of its own that has a 10,000mAh battery capacity. This is sufficient enough to charge up its OnePlus One smart phone for 3 times. Got multiple devices? No worries as there are 2x USB outputs that pushes 2Amps.

In terms of design, it looks pretty sleek with a slopping-like appearance. You have a choice of either Sandstone Black or Silk White material that’s similar to its flagship killer smart phone. The dual USB ports and a microUSB charging port is located at the top while the battery LED lights are located at the sides. To check its battery status, there are no buttons to press and it illuminates softly with a simple shake.

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Pebble supports Android Wear Notification with Pebble 2.3 Beta

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The Pebble Smart Watch is constantly evolving and now they have continued to add more functionality. Before this, it is mainly a one way notification viewer but now they have added support for Android Wear Notification with its new Pebble 2.3 Beta software. This allows you to take further action upon receiving a notification like replying messages with a preset template or with an Emoji.

On the past update, Pebble adds a full notification support for Android users but that is only limited to users that are on Android 4.3 and above. With the Pebble Beta 2.3, it now supports older Android 4.0+ devices and above. Also new is the auto update feature where it automatically downloads the latest version for watchfaces and apps when the watch is being charged.

If you’re interested to try it out, just sign up as a Android Pebble Beta user. Check out the demo videos and the full Pebble 2.3 Beta changelog after the break.

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Xiaomi resume smart phone sales in India but only for Qualcomm powered units

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A few days back, Xiaomi had ran into a roadblock where it had gotten banned from importing and selling its smart phones in India over a patent dispute. Finally they managed to get the green light to resume sales but only if it uses Qualcomm’s processors. Apparently the root cause of this patent dispute lies on MediaTek units which allegedly infringed Ericsson patents on 3G, EDGE and AMR technologies. Xiaomi has managed to obtained an exemption for selected models as Qualcomm has licensing agreements with Ericsson.

This prompts Xiaomi to reintroduce the Redmi 1S that offers Dual-SIM 3G with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Since the dual-sim 3G Redmi Note is affected, Xiaomi India will try to introduce its newer Redmi Note 4G (single SIM) that uses Qualcomm instead of MediaTek’s processor. India is a huge market for Xiaomi and they aim to sell 100,000 units each week.


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