Pebble’s smartwatches get a bunch of improvements with a new update

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Wildly popular crowd-funded smartwatch brand Pebble has just released a new firmware update for every smartwatch in its family. The new update brings a host of goodies including an improved Pebble Health app, improved messaging functions, better performance, an improved Watch-only mode, plus, it now gives you superpowers!

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Maxis announces 2015 financial results with lots of positives in the books

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Good numbers and positive results are always nice to see. Investors lap this up but customers not so much. When we pay for a service we can get really demanding and it’s fair to act accordingly because we’re paying.

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Could this be the Xiaomi Mi 5’s glass back?

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Xiaomi’s Mi 5 has built up a lot of hype around it. After a slew of midrange to budget smartphones in the Xiaomi Redmi 3 and Redmi Note 3, the Chinese company eventually revealed that the next phone will be a flagship Mi 5.

The best part? It’s said to be unveiled on 24 February. Rumours and leaks obviously exploded and many of them pointed at Xiaomi releasing two different Mi 5s — one with a glass and metal construction and one that is all metal. Now it looks like we have a leaked photo of one of the backs.

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VAIO made a really sexy smartphone…that runs Windows

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Microsoft‘s return to the mobile industry has so far been a disaster. Their recent sales figures are abysmal. Plus their latest flagship is far from stellar. Yet it seems the folks in Japan haven’t gotten the memo because here’s VAIO‘s latest smartphone — the Phone Biz — and it runs Windows 10.
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Fitbit launches an affordable yet sexy fitness tracker, the Alta

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UPDATE: Malaysian pricing and availability announced.

If you want someone to wear something on their wrist the whole day, you better make sure that it looks good and has interchangeable bands to suit every occasion. And it doesn’t hurt if it can help track your day’s worth of fitness and activity.

Fitbit has finally realised that their fitness trackers aren’t the greatest looking wearables in the market, so at CES 2016 they released the chunky Blaze. And they’ve just added another device to their fashion-forward fitness trackers: the Fitbit Alta.

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The clash of (rumoured) flagships: LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

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The Mobile World Congress has always been an exciting event for mobile enthusiasts. Tons of new phones, tons of new devices and a whole lot of people. But smartphone manufacturers have begun to hijack the crowd that will be going to MWC and have their own launch event just before it.

Two tech giants have done exactly that — LG and Samsung — but while it was very likely the LG G5 would be revealed on 21 February, we never had any confirmation…until now. LG USA has released three teaser images featuring the number 5 plus a caption reading #LGG5, February 21st. #MWC2016″. #Hype?

Worth noting that LG USA has since removed the tweet. Was it a blunder or an intentional tease?

This means the G5 and Samsung’s dynamic Galaxy S7 duo will go head to head on the same day. While we’ve heard a lot of exciting specs about these two devices, we want to know is, which would you get?

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Google Chrome now tells you when you’re clicking fake ads & links

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You know when you’re looking to download something and there are too many “download” buttons? Yeah, those times. Google has your back and they’ll let you know when you encounter those pesky links on their browser through its Safe Browsing update.

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Apple gets sued again, over a technicality

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Everything from our laptops, tablets, smartphones and wearables take hits from drops and our own carelessness more than we think. Whenever this happens, we’re left dreading the moment we take the first glance at it. Is the screen cracked? Can it function normally? Has it died forever?

When you have something on your wrist, the circumstances are slightly different. You won’t drop it since it’s attached to your hand but you’ll probably have it bump around when rushing through doors and corridors. I once had a stainless steel strap “break” as it got caught on an edge. It was a knock off Seiko.

But for Gareth Cross, it was his Apple Watch’s cracked display.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL review: A beautiful mess

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Windows Phone has never had a proper champion. Not one that was on par with the big boys at Android. Much like Apple, it always banked on its “OS optimisations” to keep things running smooth despite the less than stellar specifications. This time, though, it seems Microsoft have come out swinging, pulling out all the stops for their latest device, the Lumia 950 XL.

Is it any good though?

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Now this is a smart mirror you can’t buy that’s worth buying

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Smart mirrors have always had that futuristic feel about them. They just ooze cool because it isn’t just a screen or just a mirror, it’s more. It’s a screerror. Okay maybe we need to work on the name, but I digress.

Anyway, this kind of tech has always been left to the tinkerers of society. Those who just a have a knack, either from some kind of training or natural born talent, for making cool things work. That said, of all the DIY smart mirrors that I’ve seen, this one easily looks the coolest.

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