Samsung Gear S3 arrives in Malaysia at RM1,399

Posted:  December 1, 2016   By:    10 comments   


Samsung’s latest Gear S3 smart watches have finally arrived in Malaysia. It comes in two variants featuring a rugged look and a classy elegant appearance.
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Australia begins shutting down its 2G network

Posted:  December 1, 2016   By:    5 comments   


With 4G becoming mainstream, eventually, it’s time to bid goodbye to the good old 2G network. Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra has pulled the plug on its 2G GSM network and it will soon be joined by other telcos including Optus and Vodafone.

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review: A better all-rounder

Posted:  December 1, 2016   By:    16 comments   


Smartwatches don’t do enough for me. They’ve always been this thing that costs as much as a smartphone but can’t do as much as a smartphone. I guess the benefit is that it lives on your wrist which makes it really portable, but is that enough to justify dropping thousands on one of these things? No, not to me at least.

But, I understand that there’s a demand for a smartwatch. Partly because it can come in handy, but mostly because people think it’s really cool. Well, if you cool is what you’re after and you don’t want to break your bank, Samsung’s new Gear S3 is definitely a device you should consider.

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Netflix goes offline

Posted:  December 1, 2016   By:    2 comments   


Catching a flight or heading somewhere with poor internet connectivity? Now you can watch Netflix offline with its new download feature.

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U Mobile rewards its customers with TERER THURSDAY freebies

Posted:  November 30, 2016   By:    3 comments   


U Mobile subscribers are in for a treat as the orange telco is giving heaps of freebies with its TERER THURSDAY promotion. This is applicable to all U Mobile postpaid and prepaid customers, and it starts today.

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DJI slows down its Inspire 2 drone on purpose

Posted:  November 30, 2016   By:    No comments   


DJI had recently introduced its Inspire 2 drone which comes with two cameras. It looks badass with its tougher construction and the legs are also retractable so it won’t block the camera.

When it was first announced, the DJI Inspire 2 was capable of flying up to 108km/h (67mph) and 0-80km/h (50mph) is done in just 4 seconds. Unfortunately, DJI has to put a cap on those speeds and it’s for a good reason.

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Probably the smallest Game Boy in the world

Posted:  November 30, 2016   By:    2 comments   


When someone says “portable gaming console” I bet even they weren’t expecting this! Yup, that’s a tiny, tiny Game Boy. It’s small enough to fit on your keychain, but it’ll do much more than look pretty.

It actually works.

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Cause of Samsung Galaxy Note7 fire problems to be revealed soon

Posted:  November 30, 2016   By:    5 comments   


The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was a major disaster for Samsung this year. After a series of fire incidents, the flagship phablet had to be recalled indefinitely due to safety concerns.

Before Samsung releases its next big thing next year, the Korean smartphone maker would need to assure consumers that such incidents would not occur again with their future models. To address the concerns, a new round of investigation on the Note7 was initiated with product safety authorities and experts from both Korea and the US.

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Maxis’ eKelas aims to bring after-school digital education to rural and urban poor

Posted:  November 29, 2016   By:    No comments   


Looking to make after-school education more accessible to the rural and urban poor, Maxis launches their “flagship” Corporate Responsibility program eKelas. This programme is designed to improve academic performance of students in the rural and urban poor communities in three core subjects.

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CFM: If you can’t make phone calls, call your telco

Posted:  November 29, 2016   By:    8 comments   


If you’ve been experiencing dropped calls or delayed SMS/messaging in recent times, it’s probably because your telecommunication service provider (telco) is currently carrying out recalibration work on their base stations.

Most of these disruptions should be minor and primarily affect 2G customers. However if you’re experiencing prolonged service disruption, what do you do?

Well, the Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) recommends that you call your telco.

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