Altel to invest RM1b in 5 years to roll out LTE network

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Altel, a subsidiary under Puncak Semangat will be investing RM1 billion over the next 5 years to roll out high speed 4G LTE mobile broadband services. Puncak Semangat is among the 9 companies that have been awarded the 2.6GHz Spectrum for 4G LTE.

At the moment, they are running as a prepaid MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which utilises Celcom’s 2G/3G network. You can check out their current offering here.

While being an MVNO gives Altel an instant start to offer commercial mobile services, the operator aspires to be a full fledged telco with its own 4G network. Furthermore, both Altel and Celcom have also tied up to share their 2.6GHz LTE spectrum. Spectrum wise, Altel has a greater advantage with a huge 40MHz chunk while the other 8 companies are getting just 20MHz. REDtone and Maxis have earlier collaborated to combine their spectrum for 4G LTE services.

To build their network, Altel will working with Huawei as their technology and consultancy partner. Since building a new network is taking time, Altel will be leveraging on Celcom’s network to roll out their service. The aspiring 4G player aims to set up 500 LTE base stations in the first year and another 2,100 base stations in the following 2 years.

According to the report, Altel will be launching their LTE prepaid service soon, followed by postpaid services by end of this year. They currently have 20,000 subscribers nationwide with 10 stores in Klang Valley, Johor, Penang and Kedah.

Just last month, TM had acquired P1 to roll out 4G LTE services. With Altel coming into the picture, this will definitely add more competition to the current 4G players – Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile.


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Leaked LG G3 Screenshot confirms Quad HD display

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LG is still working on its new flagship model to battle the likes of the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Xperia Z2 and even the Oppo Find 7. The upcoming LG G3 was earlier rumoured to come with a Quad HD display and this is now confirmed with leaked screenshots from the device obtained by GSMArena. The original image measures 1440×2560 resolution which is similar to the Oppo Find 7′s 5.5″ QHD display.

Overall, the new LG User Interface now a flatter design which is similar to iOS 7 and Samsung’s latest TouchWIZ UI. Even the toggle buttons under the notification comes with a familiar flat rounded icon look. On the home screen, there’s a personal assistant reminder underneath the weather and clock widget. In the screenshot, it shows that you might want to take an umbrella with you as it is going to rain in the afternoon. It is a nice touch and this could be a deeper integration with Google Now which gives contextual information based on time, schedule, historical habits and location.

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Maxis wants to trade your old Samsung Galaxy & iPhone for a brand new iPhone 5S

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If your current smart phone is holding you back from getting a new iPhone 5S, Maxis has an easier way to switch. Now they are offering a trade-in and trade-up program which lets you swap your current Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for the latest iPhone 5S on contract.

As comparison, normally the iPhone 5S is offered at RM1,599 with 24 months contract of iValue 1. If you bring in your Galaxy Note II or iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5S can be yours at RM849, which effectively is RM700 trade-in value. For the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4, that’s equivalent of RM500 trade-in value.

The trade-in program is available nationwide at Maxis Outlets and Exclusive Partners. All you need to do is bring your device even without the box, chargers or cables.

For more information, head over to Maxis or you can check out the full trade-in list after the break.

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Apple rolls out iOS 7.1.1 update with Touch ID and Keyboard improvements

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Following its iOS 7.1 update released last month, Apple is now pushing a new iOS 7.1.1 update for iPhone and iPad users. Apart from the periodical bug fixes, the new update improves its Touch ID recognition and the responsiveness of the keyboard. It also fixes a problem with Bluetooth keyboards when voiceover is enabled.

The iOS 7.1.1 update can be downloaded Over The Air (OTA) but only with a WiFi connection. If you haven’t received any notification, head over to Settings > General > Software Updates.


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Details of upcoming High-End Samsung Galaxy surfaced with QHD display and Cat 6 LTE modem

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More info of Samsung’s upcoming mart phone rumoured to be a high-end Galaxy S5 or a new F-series premium line has emerged again. According to SamMobile, the current Galaxy S5 was supposed to feature a QHD display but they had to settle for a Full HD display possibly due to production challenges. They added that the new device carries the internal codename KQ which is speculated to be a high end sibling of the current Galaxy S5 which is codenamed K.

Their trusted source shared that the development of the device is half-way through and it will be running on Samsung’s newer Exynos 5430, a faster 4G LTE modem and a Quad HD display. The Exynos 5430 is a Octa-Core unit with 4x A15 cores clocking at 2.1GHz and another 4x A7 cores running at 1.5GHz. Graphic performance is said to be better as well with a a faster Mali 600MHz GPU.

To keep up with faster 4G LTE speeds, the new device supports Cat 6 LTE with download speeds up to 300Mbps. Instead of using Qualcomm’s solution, the new device is speculated to feature Intel’s XMM7260 LTE modem for international models while the local Korean market units will be equipped with Samsung’s own LTE modem.

So far it is still too early to confirm any of these features would make it in the final product. Samsung is known to experiment with heaps of prototypes with various hardware specs. Earlier on, the new high-spec Galaxy S5 variant was rumoured with a 5.2″ Quad HD screen and runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor.

If a higher spec Galaxy S5 is real, this would mean that we are looking at 3 flagship models in a single year. Or this is probably just a limited release premium model like the Galaxy Round.


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Sony SmartWatch 2 now allows custom watch faces with latest software update

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The Sony SmartWatch 2 came with just a limited number of watch faces and there’s no way to customise your own. Now Sony has addressed the issue with its latest SmartWatch 2 software update which comes with a built-in watch face editor.

You get to select the type of digital and analog time displays along with additional widgets such as battery, bluetooth and alarm indicators as well. There’s also an option to create your own background wallpaper as well. If you have a SmartWatch 2, just head over to Google Play Store to update.


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MyTeksi is now available in Penang

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MyTeksi, the popular mobile taxi booking service is now available in Penang. This gives greater convenience when getting a ride on the island well known for its food and street arts. Just last month, the taxi booking service was launched in Kuching, Sarawak.

To get more people to try out their service in Penang, MyTeksi is running a Beta Launch program where they are giving out an iPhone 5C. To participate, just request for a taxi on the app between 21st April till 31st May 2014. Each successful booking gives you 5 entries. If you failed to get a cab, unsuccessful bookings will also grant you 1 entry. The prize is given out as a lucky draw 1 week after the campaign has ended.

For more information, head over here.


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HTC to make next Nexus tablet with 8″ display size

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HTC Flyer Pictured

After two generations of Nexus 7 tablets by ASUS, Google will be looking elsewhere for its upcoming tablet. It is now rumoured that Google has engaged HTC to make the next Nexus tablet with larger 8″ screen targeted for Q3 this year.

Interestingly Google had initially reached out to HTC to manufacture their Nexus 7 tablets but they were too busy with their smart phones at that time. As a result, they had turned to ASUS which manufactured 2 models of Nexus 7 and Samsung for their larger Nexus 10 tablet. This time around, Google is said to be putting less emphasis on its Nexus tablets and the upcoming launch could be a low-key event. Apparently the earlier Nexus 7 tablets had already achieved its goal of boosting Android’s tablet penetration in the market.

HTC isn’t new in the tablet game. 3 years ago, they were one of the pioneers of Android tablets with their HTC Flyer. It came with a stylus and featured a solid aluminium body design in line with their tradition of making premium devices. Sadly it didn’t sell well due to its expensive price tag and later on it was even offered for free with Maxis contract.

They have been absent from the tablet seen for quite a while now and last year they had hinted a few times that a new tablet is in the pipeline. HTC is still struggling financially, and it is yet to be seen if going back to the tablet business would be a good idea.


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LG G Watch to be available in Champaign Gold with more details revealed

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For those mad about gold smart phones, now here’s a smart watch to add to your shopping list. LG’s upcoming G Watch will also be available in Champaign Gold, adding on to the existing Stealth Black colour.

More details of the upcoming wearable have been revealed on their new G Watch website. Running on Google’s Android Wear, it gets a voice activated Google Now feature as seen in their earlier promo video. The display is shown to be always-on but without mentioning the type of display tech being used. We are curious if LG would be using something similar to Mirasol display that’s found on Qualcomm’s Toq Smart Watch. It also gets dust and water resistance to withstand day to day usage in all conditions.

So far there’s no news when will this be released but pricing is rumoured to be about 180 British Pounds which is slightly under RM1,000. Apart from LG, Moto too is making their own Android Wear device which is called the Moto 360.

Head after the break for more images of the LG G Watch.

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Nokia: The company is gone but the brand lives on

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Mobile business will be completed on the 25th April. Under the new ownership, they have taken steps to rename the corporation from Nokia Oyj to Microsoft Mobile Oy. This marks the end of the Nokia name as a company. Nokia has sent out notices to suppliers of the name change and a new address that’s based in Espoo, Finland.

However that doesn’t mean that new Nokia handsets will cease to exist. The brand will continue to live on as part of the acquisition deal to use “Nokia” on current and subsequent devices. This however is limited to Series 30 and Series 40 models.

Whether or not Microsoft would drop the Nokia brand for its Windows Phone powered Lumia devices is still a question mark. Nokia as a brand ranks #57 in value and it is an established house hold name for phones. After spending billions with strong ambition to be a key smart phone maker, Microsoft is likely stamp their own brand on the latest Windows based devices.

To honour the 10-year licensing deal, the Nokia brand is expected to remain on their Nokia Asha, Nokia X and feature phone line up. What do you guys think? Should the next Lumia devices maintain the Nokia brand or would it be better for it to carry the Microsoft brand?

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