Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: All the right moves, in all the right places

Posted:  August 29, 2016   By:    22 comments   



Samsung Malaysia’s brand new Galaxy Note7 is an interesting flagship to look at. Many turned their nose up at it and were unhappy because they felt that Samsung didn’t “do more” with it.

I guess it’s not hard to see why when you look at the specifications. On paper, it’s got the same processor and RAM as the smaller Galaxy S7 edge. It didn’t pack 6GB of RAM, like many predicted, nor did it come with a more amazing camera or higher resolution screen.

It also looks rather similar with a similar build using similar materials fashioned in a similar way.

However, not going overboard with the new is exactly why I think Samsung did the right thing with their Galaxy Note7. It’s also exactly why I think it’s the best smartphone money can buy right now.

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22 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: All the right moves, in all the right places


heard there are a lot of spoilt phones


good review


I’ve been using Note 7 for a while and I would say this phone worths the money. I have the fast wireless charger and it charges a bit faster than normal charger.


One question, wearing glasses works well with the iris scanner? or when you are inside a car where hands and eyes are moving abit?


Ntah… simple giler review..

takde in depth review pasal Iris Scanner.. waterproof's proof pic vids.. how about sound? better?
at least bagi la video demo pasal stylus tu ke.. celup air ke.. iris scan.. wireless charging ?

wat ever dude..


I don't get it why people still buy Samsung phones. Every year their phones start getting overwhelmed by lagfest all over.

Futhermore, they are laggy af and worth less than a dime after a year. All of this would be acceptable when it was priced cheaper. But when cheaper flagships start outperforming them, one has to wonder whether they are worth it. If I wanted to spend RM3k+ on a phone, I would expect it to be last for about 3 years. However, when your stupidly expensive phone starts skipping frames out of the box, you realize that all the money spent are now gone into the drain.


just buy oneplus3, less worries and 80% as good


I tried this phone as a dildo. Wish the vibration function would be stronger. Waterproof feature is good, phone doesn’t spoil as fast as the previous Note.

Also, S-Pen too thin. Not satisfying as dildo. Phone itself is okay but need to get used to the shape.

Overall okay.


I have been using Note 2 for the past few years and am still using it now. Note 2 has been really reliable. I am thinking of getting a Note 7 but I missed the pre-order promotion. Based on your experience, will there be a similar or even better promotion during the launch day? Will appreciate your response. Thanks.


Just found this on the net.. should I wait until after a few batches of production so that I would get a better one?


I think this post can be deleted since Samsung plans to stop selling, no one can buy after read the review.


Wah, the review still sit on top even the device already beaten to death? I guess Note7 now just the best phone anybody never had. Return my Note7 already.

RIP Note7. 2016-2016.