The HTC One Has an Incredible Microphone

Posted:  July 1, 2013   By:    33 comments   

It’s no secret the HTC One is our favourite Android smartphone at the moment. With a stellar battery performance, a build quality that makes the iPhone 5 looks low-rent, stereo front-facing speakers that produce crisp treble and rich bass, and a delicious display, there’s a lot to like about the One. As if that’s not enough, you can add “great microphone” on the list of pluses for the HTC One.

Check out the video comparing the microphone of the HTC One with the one on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Thanks to its dual-membrane construction the HTC One’s microphone efficiently filters sound from noise making it the perfect phone for concerts, clubs and similarly challenging environments.

Yes, we know the video is an old one and it’s not exactly fair to compare the Galaxy S III with the HTC One but it truth, the Galaxy S4 has, in almost every aspect, been a rather underwhelming phone next to the HTC.

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33 Comments for The HTC One Has an Incredible Microphone


Our or your? Iphone is low-rent? So biased and unprofessional.


Aluminium that wear off out of box is high end !?


Lol copy nokia lumia 920 n 808 microphone…lumia 920 ftw!…


y compare with s3 but not s4??


where's s4?


wow.. s3 sounds terrible..

Gadget Wh0r3

"HTC One is truely the ONE!" Oracle told Morpheus.


R.I.P headphone user


Why not compare to the Nokia Lumia 920/925?


Worst to compare. If the technology belong to nokia.


As a tech site. It's really a shame for the writer not even mentioning the microphone used by HTC One is originated by Nokia. Besides, SMT is facing lawsuit from Nokia. The HDR microphone also disappears from spec sheet and is only entitled to use the remaining components.