Samsung Galaxy S III gesture features demonstrated

Posted:  May 12, 2012   By:    8 comments   

The Galaxy S III comes with a host of new features such as Smart Stay, Pop-up Play and S Voice. In the previous Galaxy S II, we have seen gesture features including the ability to zoom in/out by moving the device closer or away from you with 2 thumbs on the screen.

For the Galaxy S III, XDA Developers had discovered a couple of interesting new gesture features as well. The first one is the ability to screen capture by swiping your hand from left to right on top of the display. Next is the ability to go back to the top of the page by simply double tapping at the top of the device which is perfect for apps with long list or scrolling like Twitter timeline. The last trick which they have demonstrated is pausing the video by covering the device with your palm.

Watch it in action in the video above from 5:30 minute onwards.


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8 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S III gesture features demonstrated


fuking amazing!!


Let see whether it will lag when apps are installed inside. The current galaxies are all laggy despite a high tech specs. Sux Samsung. Wasting nearly 2000 and bought your 7.7 and I'm damn hate it. I save for 3 Mths for that and u made a junk for consumer. Feeling like get cheated.


the lockscreen shortcuts is a rip off from htc's lockscreen. Shame on you Samsung.

Captain America

lag lag lag lag lag buy one x!


own galaxy tab 10.1, galaxy nexus. really regret to get Samsung products.
gaalxy tab 10.1 got problem the first day i got it.
firmware very slow update, poor ui design, no user experience at all..

now get htc one x, very much happy with it. will never go back to samsung!


wow. so many iphone supporter here. Keep on bashing samsung only….but still interest to view samsung phone introduction page. shame on you all basher